How ShopClues’ Quirky Oh Bhaisaab Campaign Grew Brand Awareness For Its Sunday Flea Market

Case study on Shopclues' Oh Bhaisaab wherein the ecommerce brand increased awareness of its ‘Sunday Flea Market’; Social media profiles were created for Bhaisaab to engage with online consumers

Shopclues o bhaisaab

The Brand

ShopClues is India’s real bazaar that brings the essence of local markets across the country, to an online platform. The company was established in the year 2011, as a fully managed marketplace that allows buyers & sellers to interact in an organized manner. It provides a seamless shopping experience to customers with innovative technology, unique products & competitive prices. ShopClues is a brand which caters to shopping needs of the Indian masses & allows merchants across the country to sell online & reach their potential customers.

The Bhaisaab campaign was conceptualized & executed in-house and was led by ShopClues’ social media team. As the campaign progressed, the team improvised on the strategy and built more ideas on the response to the campaign.

Problem Statement

  • One of the biggest challenges for e-commerce players is to keep up their traffic and sales numbers during weekends. On Sundays, people like to relax at home or go out to shop. Hence, an online dip in sales is a common phenomenon. ShopClues felt a need to tap this opportunity, to drive sales on Sundays and took up an uphill challenge.
  • To create a brand recall and increase engagement with our customers was another challenge that we planned to solve with this campaign. We wanted to come up with something innovative and quirky to differentiate us from the rest of the players while staying in sync with our Brand Tonality. Our brand has a quirky, humorous and a mass appeal to it, which was aptly represented by ‘Omi Bhaisaab’.

Identified Objectives

  • To offer unbelievable price points, quirky products and the experience of a local Flea Market online to our customers.
  • To increase the brand awareness and popularity of our weekly property ‘Sunday Flea Market’ among online shoppers.
  • To communicate the USPs of Sunday Flea Market and build a unique positioning.
  • To increase the website traffic and in turn the GMV/sales on Sunday Flea Market.
  • To make Sunday Flea Market a habit for our customers & compel them to come back every Sunday.
  • To build intrigue and conversation around the brand, get maximum engagement and brand recall.

The Strategy/Execution

If you give consumers the right kind of deals in the comfort of their homes, it becomes a cherry on the cake. The insight that spurred this campaign was to encourage people to save their time and money on Sundays with ShopClues’ concept markets and use that time for other activities. This resulted into the inception of ‘Sunday Flea Market’ and it has become a favorite property among the ShopClues customers. People come back for the irresistible deals and incredibly low prices. If you thought ShopClues has the best deals anyway, you haven’t checked out Sunday Flea Market yet.

The idea behind ‘O Bhaisaab’ was to bring a famous Indian expression of ‘surprise’ with a new mascot of Sunday Flea Market. And we present to you the endearing – Omi Bhaisaab.

“O Bhaisaab! How many times have we all exclaimed this? 1+1 on Pizza Delivery… O Bhaisaab! Virat Kohli Hits a Century… O Bhaisaab!

Omi Bhaisaab is a character based out of Kanpur and he is a teacher with a witty sense of Humor. As soon as he joined social media, he was a hit! The idea was that products on Sunday Flea Market are so whacky and the deals are so unbelievable that it makes you go ‘O Bhaisaab’.

Omi Bhaisaab hiccups whenever someone finds a whacky deal! You know how they say if you’re hiccupping, then someone is thinking of you. So every Sunday, customers shop & find awesome deals on Sunday Flea Market & exclaim ‘O Bhaisaab’. This humorous and quirky angle is what keeps Sunday Flea Market relatable and relevant.

Our TVC introduced Omi Bhaisaab and his Sunday chronicles to our audience, giving Sunday Flea Market a brand new image! Aflatooni Products @ Aflatooni Prices is what is now associated with our most popular property.

A separate Twitter account with the handle name ‘@O_Bhaisaab’ and a Facebook page was created to drive engagement and create buzz around this funny character. On Twitter, activities such as Dubsmash contests and creative memes using hashtags like #YoBhaisaabDubs and #DubsmashDay to #YoBhaisaabSoCool were started, which caught tweeple’s attention and created a much-needed buzz and curiosity behind O. Bhaisaab’s origin.

The campaign turned out to be a talking point on various media platforms. The social media was going gaga over ‘O Bhaisaab’ and national newspapers picked up the phenomenon that Bhaisaab became, as a result of him becoming a ‘Twitter Trend’. Consequently, the campaign was a unique feat for ShopClues, helping the brand drive sales and user engagements with a completely innovative approach. The marketing crusade is still on!


  • OBhaisaab Twitter handle grew from 0 to 2800 followers in 3 weeks.
  • Engagement rate - 4.7%, Retweets - 3900, Likes - 2000, Replies – 17200.
  • Twitter trends for 6 Consecutive Days: #YoBhaisaabSoCool, #YoBhaisaabDubs, #DubsmashDay, #KhooniSomvar, #OhBhaisaab
  • The impact could be witnessed from the fact that on two consecutive Sundays, both #SundayFleaMarket and #OhBhaisaab trended together on top.
  • #YoBhaisaabDubs - More than 300 dubsmashes were shared on Twitter. The trend #DubsmashDay attracted people from across India to share their Dubsmashes with Bhaisaab.
  • OBhaisaab’s Facebook page earned 6600 likes in 3 weeks, with highest post reach - 56000, and total engagements - almost 10000 in all of 14 posts.


Brand recall was achieved through active engagement with our customers and building a strong connect with them as opposed to just presenting a value proposition.

Social media is a strong medium that amplifies the campaign manifold and leads to better brand recall.

Quirky and relevant content attracts more audience and accelerates the campaign.

Experimentation with newer apps and platforms such as Dubsmash is an effective tactic for viral marketing and the best way to get maximum brand visibility.