ShopClues’ #GharWapsi Sale Boosts Commute Commerce, Traffic Grows By 40%

Ecommerce portal ShopClues is boosting commute commerce with Ghar Wapsi sale - fresh offers through mobile app between 6 and 9 pm. The sale brought a 40% rise in traffic on first two weeks

Shopclues ghar wapsi sale

ShopClues, the ecommerce portal to have raised a $100 million funding this year, is all set to get more of India shop on its online portal, or rather its mobile app. This July, the ecommerce company announced the ‘Ghar Wapsi’ sale in a bid to boost ‘commute commerce’ and its mobile app users. Commute commerce refers to the term where commuters choose to e-shop through their mobile phones, on their way home from work.

The Ghar Wapsi sale offered these commuters surprise deals on the app across various categories between 6 pm and 9 pm. The five-week campaign is hoping to instil a habit of commute shopping in consumers and looks like the offers and discounts are working. Now as per a company release, ShopClues saw a rise in traffic by 40% in the first two weeks of the campaign.

A hilarious TVC was launched to announce the Ghar Wapsi sale. The minute-long-film showed people at work eagerly waiting for the clock to strike six, so they could leave for home. As the clock strikes six, everyone rushes out from their offices to go home. Men and women are seen jumping across walls and onto crowded buses to find an empty seat. And what do they end up with- an empty comfortable seat to begin with their commute shopping. The voice over talks about the 6-9 pm ghar wapsi sale where one can get deals on electronics, fashion and home items.


Social media buzz was being built prior to the sale. The ShopClues Facebook and Twitter pages had begun to brace its fans and followers with updates about the new shopping behaviour. A contest called #GharWapsi invited folks to share their favourite pastime on the way back home. This was followed up by the launch of the sale, and subsequently driving conversations around the varied kinds of commuters.

Associating #GharWapsi with the various categories of people on their way back home.

The idea for Ghar Wapsi sale arose from a keen consumer insight that involved weekend shopping. Nitin Agarwal, Senior Director, Marketing at ShopClues said that the brand had been studying consumer behaviour and realized that people are too caught up with time and tend to leave shopping for the weekends. ShopClues’ weekend shopping spree also drove good results, the portal saw a rise in mobile traffic in the evenings. “Some deeper analysis revealed that an average Indian commute anytime between half an hour to two hours in medium to large metro cities. This time is not utilised by the commuters in doing anything fruitful,” he added.

Leveraging their commuting time with app offers was an opportunity ShopClues had to make smart use of. ShopClues’ Ghar Wapsi makes a good case for those ecommerce players looking to boost commute commerce in the country.