Shobhaa De’s Tweet On Mumbai And Maharashtra Gets Acidic Response From Politicians

Shobhaa De tweets that Mumbai could be separated from Maharashtra too and gets an acidic response from the Maharashtra politicians and even threaten on Twitter.


Satire is not appreciated in our country and not in the least from your Twitter account. The Indian columnist and novelist Shobhaa De got a recent taste of it. Not that she has been questioned for the first time for her bold thoughts but this may be the first incident to happen over a tweet that she shared yesterday.


India got its 29th state yesterday in the form of Telangana carved from Andhra Pradesh. The split has to be approved by the Indian Parliament before the state is officially created but it has already opened the Pandora’s box. Other states that have started the same agitation are now active again and are demanding the same.

Shobhaa, who is pretty much active with a good fan following on Twitter with 273K followers, tweeted that Mumbai could be separated from Maharashtra too. Blended with satire the tweet stated –“Maharashtra and Mumbai??? Why not? Mumbai has always fancied itself as an independent entity, anyway. This game has countless possibilities.”

The said tweet that has got more than 234 retweets while writing the post has hit the hornets’ nest. The political parties and their politicians of Maharashtra have not only vented their anger on the tweet but have also moved one step further to make personal comments on the author.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray said that creating a new state was not as easy as getting a divorce and she (Ms De) would understand that. Congress MP and son of state industries minister Narayan Rane, Nitesh Rane went one step further and threatened the author on Twitter itself.

The lady brushed aside all these comments from politicians and shared that it was a satirical tweet in the context of the newly-proposed Telangana state, which was not to be taken literally, since she was neither recommending nor endorsing it.

If one looks at the author’s tweet one can get the intention but then it is not surprising to see such venom being spewed by the politicians. For now Shobhaa has brushed away Raj Thackeray’s statements saying that she took them as “seriously” as his cartoons, and he could understand satire better than anyone else.

One wonders if you are a public figure then are you not allowed to express your opinion in a democratic country. And can Nitesh Rane’s tweet be taken down since that is an open threat to the author on Twitter. Instead, other political parties have urged Shobhaa to pull down her tweet!

Image courtesy: Rediff