’s ‘Yaar Tu God Hai’ Lacks The Shine On Social Media

A review of the's 'Yaar Tu God Hai' campaign about their latest offering around integrating your Facebook friends to find your dream job for you.

With the emergence of social media for recruitment purposes, job portals are looking at social media with more respect. Corporate hiring is now looked at more socially and has beaten job portals, as covered by TOI previously as well. has come up with the concept of social integration on its portal  with the introduction of the new campaign ‘Yaar Tu God Hai’ (You are God, My friend).

I saw the first sights of the campaign when it was promoted on YouTube before it hit the television on 5th June. The campaign promises the candidates to find their ‘dream’ jobs and jump onto the bandwagon by connecting their accounts to Facebook and through their friend’s referrals/recommendations. The 2nd largest job portal in India is heavily promoting its new campaign on social media too. The idea of the campaign revolves around how your friends and their network help you get a job (or your ‘dream’ job in this case). And with most of your friends on Facebook, has partnered with MyParichay, a social media recruitment solution where job seekers can apply via Facebook without necessarily signing in at This social tool bar will also let users find Facebook friends in the network working at the company who can refer the applicant for the opportunity. Facebook

Campaign on Social Media’s Facebook page which has more than 216K fans, has no dedicated application created for the same yet. The Facebook page has gained more than 20% of it’s new fans (around 43K) in the month of June alone, which might be attributed to paid activities. Analyzing the campaign posts in the month of June, they have an IPM (Interactions per thousand Fans) of 10 (10 interactions occur per 1,000 fans of which is pretty low and that resonates with the content. The posts surrounding the campaign are fairly repetitive and lack creativity and purpose. Their TVC which they have shared on Facebook has received the maximum response from the audience.

On Twitter, the brand did generate some steam with their hashtag #YaarTuGodHai trending. It helped them gain more than 300 followers on the same day according to Unmetric. The follower growth is illustrated below: Yaar Tu God Hai Campaign Follower Growth

The hashtag did contribute to more than 1.1K mentions of the hashtag (according to TweetReach) but most of the users were seen tweeting non branded content which was in no way related to Shine or otherwise. I have my reservations against non-branded hashtags which might have its effects for short term but hardly helps the brand in any way if they are thinking about long term engagement with their followers.

On YouTube, Shine does not seem to have an official presence and the presence of this channel being official is debatable. The branding is not complete and their YouTube efforts seem to be half hearted. The TVC video seems to have got more than 258K views on this channel and the same ad has been uploaded multiple times. And yes, their Google+ engagement is as good as non-existent around the campaign with the same Facebook content on their G+ page.

Was able to shine on social media?’s new campaign seems to be a half-hearted effort by the brand as far as social media is concerned. The methods employed are not innovative or creative to say the least and in plain words, I tag the campaign as ‘boring’ and ‘unimpressive’. The campaign could have been more rewarding with the Friend referrals to allow maximum participation on Facebook and on their website. You can always have a gamification concept baked in with the employee referral mechanism into a job portal (the more friends you help get a job through, the more rewards you can reap based on different levels and positions you refer for).

The Facebook page does have a job search app such as Careers which is powered by MyParichay and Job Search from Shine. Careers right now fails to pull out any job for basic skill and Careers is just listing the jobs. If you click on any of the job it takes you to the website. Providing complete experience of job search and applying on Facebook itself would have been a good idea like Intel India or Aditi Technologies have done on Facebook.

Nevertheless, the website integration with Facebook along with the MyParichay toolbar is interesting. The feature is somewhat like LinkedIn. While you are applying for a job LinkedIn gives you the list of people with whom you are connected and who also work in the firm where there is an opening. Shine has gone the Facebook way and it shows your friends who are working in the company in which you are planning to apply. Shine thinks that on Facebook you are more personally connected than on LinkedIn, and chances of success is more on Facebook.

Job portals have a tough task ahead of them to merge social with their suite of services, with services like HireRabbit and Whistletalk coming ashore as a solutions provider for recruitment needs. With the likes of Naukri and Monster India also in the social media space, may have to come up with a more integrated social effort than what they are currently displaying. Their website still doesn’t have the basic social integration feature of ‘Sign Ins’ with Facebook or LinkedIn which can be leveraged to shorten registration time for a new user, and in turn be utilized for their social referral campaign itself.

Do let us know how did you like’s new campaign on social.