Shine.Com Creates #RajinikanthCV On LinkedIn To Promote Its Professional CV Writing Service

To promote its professional CV writing service on social media, Shine creates a parody LinkedIn profile of Rajinikanth


Catching user attention isn’t an easy job in today’s world. One needs to have a killer idea or simply take help from god. In Shine’s case the marketing team took help from the living legend Rajinikanth. For many of his fans he is next to god.

Shine, the firm that helps its customers by providing professional services such as social referral solution, employee referral among others has been selling its professional CV writing services too. With this service Shine is helping professionals to posses CVs that are being written under the guidance of CV experts so that they can make a breakthrough into a shining career.

To create buzz about its CV writing service the company came up with an idea of creating a CV of a super hero. The next call was to decipher who would be the super hero that India connects with? With superstar Rajinikanth’s birthday inching closer, the marketing team had no issues in selecting their super hero. The team went ahead and created what could be one of the most interesting and funniest LinkedIn profile – Rajinikanth’s LinkedIn Profile (Mind It!).


While leaving you in splits, the profile also succeeds in inspiring awe for the efforts to make it witty and charming. Some of the interesting bits in his profile are:

To make any organization known to mankind and alienkind as awesome as myself. Mind it!

- Has counted to infinity, twice.
- Has sliced bullets in mid-air, using other bullets.
- Knows why this kolaveri, kolaveri, kolaveri di. And knows why this kolaveri e, f and g too.
- Can write into a READ ONLY file
- Can operate Windows on a 64 KB processor. -
- Capable to generate Electricity from Wind Energy (while Breathing)
- Ability to kill even Living Room
- Can sign a cheque… and make the Bank bounce
- Can fast forward live TV

- Can successfully complete the work assigned to me on the previous day itself
- Has successfully deleted the Windows Recycle Bin
- Can retain ‘Permanently Deleted’ files
- Light moves at the speed of ME.
- Bill Gates lives in constant fear that Rajinikanth’s PC will crash.

- The word does not exist in my dictionary.

Why am I an able candidate for the job:
- Because there’s no work that Rajini’kanth do!

The parody account has some more worth noting achievements, projects, among others which gets you to want more of the profile.

#RajinikanthCV trends on Twitter

To make it more interesting the Shine team moved from LinkedIn to Twitter where the account has more than 3K followers. With the birthday of the super star today, the team started interesting Twitter contests around the hashtag #RajinikanthCV. The hashtag has been trending since the late afternoon and as I write it is still trending at the top of India Twitter Trends.

The contest was simple and around building up the LinkedIn profile. The quirky skills not only get added to the profile of Rajinikanth but users stood a chance to win vouchers too. Some of the tweets that were really interesting are shared below:

End result, Shine gets to promote its professional CV writing feature in a funny way while getting trended too. Not only has it spiked conversations on its Twitter account, the brand has also smartly pulled up a very cost-effective promotion of a service.