Shekhar Kapur’s ‘I Love Paani’ Spreads Through Social Media

About film maker Shekhar Kapur's recently launched initiative 'I Love Paani' which hopes to create a movement to save water with the help of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube


Every year March 22 is celebrated as World Water Day when water issues around the globe would be highlighted and reflected upon.  With the reigning drought in Maharashtra, the water scarcity issues and the need to conserve and use it responsibly has taken a new meaning. In working towards a more lasting solution, Shekhar Kapur – the man with a creative mind that has delved into acting, producing and directing some very memorable movies – has launched a noble crusade to help conserve water. The initiative titled ‘I Love Paani’ was launched three days ago on World Water Day with 2013 also being designated as the International Year of Water Co-operation by the UN Water Body.

For the initiative, Shekhar and his team have launched a website ‘I love paani’  which is in its very early days. The text on the site reads, “It’s a website of awareness, of thoughtfulness – a place in where you can come and put your thoughts and comments and create a thoughtful, virtual drop of water.” The cause is being promoted through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube too.


The site hosts a 3 minute video by Shekhar beginning with a story to explain the concept of the campaign and to sensitise people towards being thoughtful and saving every drop of water. The same has been uploaded onto its YouTube channel which has garnered 17 subscribers in a few days.

The brand new Facebook page with a 100 fans has updated a cover photo and an update about the campaign requesting fans to join the movement. The Twitter page has 55 followers and as is the case with Facebook, is just beginning to start spreading the word on social media. The movement just needs a lift from the highly influential founder on Twitter with more than 378K followers. Shekhar has been tweeting about the movement to create awareness amongst this large community. And with time, ‘I Love Paani’ is sure to grow into a nationwide movement with responsible use of every drop of water.

While we take a look at the evolving website, let us give a thought to our water problems and save every drop of water we can.