Shekhar Banerjee On Digital ROI & Content Co-Creation [Video]

Shekhar Banerjee, SVP, Madison Media talks about Digital ROI and content co-creation. He also talks about the challenges involved in content co-creation

“For a brand ROI is defined in only two ways - how it impacts my brand score and how it impacts my sales. So there cannot be any other measurement for ROI in digital, it needs to deliver either both or whatever is agreed,” said  Shekhar Banerjee in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Shekhar further added that till the time the above mentioned clarity is there, a marketer can always differentiate between cute executions and the executions which will work for a brand. “Make sure that when you discuss brand ROI you discuss the same and not any other thing.”

Shekhar who has been with Madison Media for close to a decade, is the Senior Vice President at the media agency and heads digital media along with business head role on Pinnacle and Marico client. He shared that views and likes are important metrics that should not be neglected but they are only post evaluation metrics.

In the first part of our video conversation, Shekhar shared his thoughts on the digital evolution in the country; he also talks about growing up in Varanasi, memories from MICA and why he always wanted to be a part of the advertising world.

In this second part of the video conversation along with his candid thoughts on digital ROI, he also talks about content creation and co-creation along with fans. While throwing light on the challenges of content co-creation, he shares some of the interesting work by Madison in the recent past.