This Digital Agency Believes There Are Only Opportunities And No Challenges [Video]

Shekhar Banerjee Senior Vice President at Madison Media in this final interview talks about mobile marketing, social and digital products and the challenges in the Indian digital market

“There are no challenges and only opportunities because we have to prove ourselves right. The way digital is growing in India, it is only up from here,” said Shekhar Banerjee in his final video conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Shekhar who has been with Madison Media for close to a decade, is the Senior Vice President at the media agency and heads digital media along with the business head role on Pinnacle and Marico client. In this video conversation he talks about mobile marketing and how his agency is working on campaigns to engage with the mobile customer.

In the first part of our video conversation, Shekhar shared his thoughts on the digital evolution in the country; he also talks about growing up in Varanasi, memories from MICA and why he always wanted to be a part of the advertising world.

Second part of the video conversation focused on his candid thoughts on digital ROI, he also talked about content creation and co-creation along with fans. While throwing light on the challenges of content co-creation, he shared some of the interesting work by Madison in the recent past.

In this final video conversation, he talks about mobile, how the agency believes in investing in products and about new announcements in the near future. However he clarified that the only source of income for the agency will still be clients. “While we focus on building products our single source will still be clients.”