Sheepstop’s Twitter Secret Revealed in 140

Sheepstop's Twitter Secret Revealed in 140

This Friday we have with us the Sheepstop team who have been rocking all along with their active Twitter handle @sheepstop. Come sun or rain, the Twitter page is always a riot of activity with enthusiastic fans. Sheepstop is a community of tee-lovers, tee-designers and generally anyone who is passionate about tees. You can read our Sheepstop review here and do also have a look at TwitBid, an innovative Twitter campaign celebrating two years of success!

We have Bhagyashri Dixit, the Co-Founder of Sheepstop with her Twitter strategy laid down before us in the following seven answers. Pick what you may.


Sheepstop Founders - Parag & Bhagyashri

One forty characters by Bhagyashri!

1. SheepStop tweets about…?

Almost anything under the sun, anything that will keep our followers engaged!

2. What matters the most – a Retweet or Mention?

Mentions, we love to have conversations going with our customers and to establish a personal bond with them!

3. Is Replying a Must or Choice for SheepStop?

Would say a must, not just that we try and get back as soon as possible; customer care in a jiffy!

4. How does SheepStop manage #FAIL tweets?

We are more used to #awesomeness đŸ™‚ but addressing the core reason for #fail would be our way to go at it

5. What app do you use for monitoring Twitter performance?

Standard apps like TweetDeck and Also the #TwitBid app that we developed in house has helped us go viral on twitter.

6. Leads from Twitter, possible and how?

Absolutely, not just leads but actual conversions; it’s quite easy when you have a fun product that ticks for all!

7. One forty characters of advice for SME’s / Startup’s?

Be innovative! Use twitter to build a strong bond with your customers, and they will become your best brand ambassadors!


While we are in accordance with all the secrets revealed here, I personally love the advice given to SME’s / Startup’s. Building a bond with your community is the key to great partnerships indeed and who better to advise than Sheepstop with their loyal set of fans.

Do share your favorites in this interview and let us know if you find another example of awesome Twitter branding.