SheepStop And Social Media

SheepStop and Social Media

SheepStop went on the floor September 14, 2021 with a purpose of changing the online Indian t-shirt shopping experience. Both Bhagyashri Dixit and Dr. Parag Dixit formed SheepStop so that they could provide the missing ‘ZING’ to the Indian customers. You may argue that we have quite a few services that are doing the same thing. Yes SheepStop is doing the same but with an eco-friendly designed t-shirts and an interesting way of rewarding its designers as well as design lovers. So if you have a design in mind for a t-shirt submit on their website. SheepStop will then gatherall such designs and throw open for voting. The top 10 highly voted designs are selected every week and they enter the SheepStop Casino. Here the SheepStop community bets for the tees with virtual chips and if you win the bets then you take home the design with huge discounts. Isn’t that cool?

SheepStop’s business model survives on the web and they have been very smart in embracing Social Media. SheepStop has an exciting presence on Facebook and Twitter. Their presence motivated us to do some further analysis.

Social Media Presence of SheepStop

Website: SheepStop needs a pat on its back making the website a social space too. SheepStop has placed Facebook comments with every design displayed. This helps a discussion to cultivate and people who are not aware get pulled from Facebook. SheepStop has placed the share button and ‘Like’ button to be shared across platforms. Isn’t that cool to get a buzz going? Sheepstop has provided all mechanisms for community engagement but has left its community to decide. That’s the way it should be and the same was shared to us in one of our discussions on Twitter.

Conversation on Twitter

With the entire social wave flowing in SheepStop it has given ample importance to discussions and that’s the reason why they have kept a ‘Discussion Board’. The Discussion Board is undoubtedly a very active one and it gives one more platform to ask questions, talk about new designs and promote one’s work. This is simply amazing community that SheepStop has built and now we also know the secret of how SheepStop is getting all design crowd sourced.

Tips: How about giving your social icons more visibility by placing them on the top corners.

Twitter share button is missing with the Like button. There is a sharing button but a simple tweet button will give you more visibility

Facebook: SheepStop definitely knows how the social thing works and has a community of 895 fans. The community that SheepStop has built over the years is an active one. It would be great if it starts regular discussions with its community by Discussion app. This will make the page lively and getting a Facebook landing page will surely drive the crowds.

Tip:How about your new designs being showcased on the landing page itself?

Rewarding your most active fans on the page should be a cool move. Rewards can be anything badges, tees, etc. and your fans would be happy to see that you respect their presence. So be active and keep engaging with tips, links and all possible help to your community. Tips could be about different ecofriendly designs, fashion trends in the market, etc. And don’t forget to appreciate the great designers you have in your database. All this would lead to a more  happy community on your Facebook fan page.

Happy Community

Twitter: 140 characters have a great reach for SheepStop and the tag of ‘Networker’ from Klout very well justifies it. SheepStop has decent conversations going on with its community and the conversations are not at all sales pitch. The conversations are meaningful discussions, sharing helpful articles and definitely a great humor while showcasing its designs.

Helpful Share

With more consistent engagement with its community we are confident that SheepStop can easily grow its Twitter community as it has done on Facebook.

Klout Analysis

Blog: SheepStop does have a blog but has been in a sleep mode for a while. It has a decent content but if it could be made active then it could become its digital asset. SheepStop can turn its blog also into a company mouth piece with amazing and helpful content. Don’t let it go SheepStop make it happening as you have done on other social networks.

Tip: How about giving a try to LinkedInCompany Pages would be a great place to showcase SheepStop.

It goes to show that if a brand is really interested and driven by the motive of sharing, helping and not be an online salesman then it can develop its social media presence without any agency as SheepStop has done. Don’t you think so?