Shashi Tharoor Twitter Controversy: Wife Sunanda The Hacker, Blames Pak Journo Mehr For Stalking Her Husband

by Prasant Naidu on January 16, 2022

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Twitter throws light on the perfect 80’s Bollywood love triangle among a husband, wife and a desperate stalker. In the present case the husband is Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, the wife Sunanda Pushkar who is trying to save her husband from the clutches of a desperate stalker who happens to be Pakistani columnist Mehr Tarar (and an ISI agent if Sunanda is to be believed). Isn’t that a perfect script for a movie with the added spice of Indo-Pak angle?

Yesterday, we had reported that Shashi’s Twitter account had been hacked by a very poor grade hacker who probably may not have used Twitter ever and had been tweeting as Mehr Tarar from Shashi Tharoor’s account itself. The tweets are no more evident on Shashi’s account but the hacker has revealed her identity and it is Shashi’s wife Sunanda Pushkar.

Sunanda confirmed to ET that she had posted the messages on Tharoor’s Twitter account and that her Twitter account had not been hacked. The intention of posting from her husband’s account, intimate private messages sent to him by Lahore-based journalist Mehr Tarar was to show the world “how she is stalking my husband”.

Meanwhile Sunanda’s Twitter account has been on a run bashing Mehr and some of the tweets that she posted recently are as follows:

While on the other side of the border, Mehr is trying to pacify the storm but guess the damage is already done. Though she has come out with her side of the story, this is what she had to say or rather tweet:

Meanwhile, the husband and minister who believed his account was indeed hacked, wasn’t aware that his wife was the one who had been posting the tweets. “What you are saying is mystifying to me. Let me get to the bottom of this,” he said to ET, while excusing himself from giving any further details.

The episode has got Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar trending on Twitter, with netizens pouring in their thoughts to the Twitter love story of 2014. Now that the hacker has been revealed it is time when she takes up a crash course on better English and on using Twitter too.

We will update if we hear further on the interesting potboiler.

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