Airlines Driving Results From Social Media: Shashank Nigam Speaks At #SocialIndia

Shashank Nigam Shares About Airlines Driving Results From Social Media At #SocialIndia

Shashank Nigam, CEO of SimpliFlying had some meat in his talk that pulled us back after our coffee break on day one. He made sure that a tangible value is derived from his talks or let’s say from the innumerable facts that he provided by airlines industry at #SocialIndia.

Shashank kick started with some interesting facts. One such noteworthy fact was:

“191 Airline companies have Twitter handles and only 85 of them actively engage.”


Now that is very interesting data and the reason being most of the airlines are focusing on cheap deals to get more fans whereas the fans are looking for help and information.

Shashank pointed out quite candidly that today getting fans on social media is no big deal and providing free stuff should not be the end to any conversation. One should be driving towards goals.

As he says bluntly that “Free Hugs are no longer good enough.”

The presentation turned into an engaging one when Shashank asked all those brand managers and social media managers who have a large fan count to stand up.  The next question was how many of their fans actually bought their particular product or service. Some convincing answers by the audience were applauded by Shashank.

One of the things that I have personally noticed is that the audience here at #SocialIndia was a mixed group. Most of them knew the ‘Why’ part of the social media and they were looking to find more on ‘How’ it is being done.

Meanwhile Shashank shared a variety of the airlines industry examples from all over the world as case studies. One of them was the SpiceJet Turbo example where it was highlighted how a sensitive matter was overcome by simply educating customers via social media. The job was not by the brand but it was customers who where educating other customers.

With a great mix of case studies Shashank also shared a ROI dashboard. He added that each and every business will fall under one of the three objective as shown in the ROI dashboard image:


ROI Dashboard


However, he was quick in saying that the Holy Grail of social media ROI is yet to be figured out and no body has a clue.

Shashank’s presentation can be found here and the key take away from this charged up talk were as follows:

1. Focus on people and conversations

2. Design KPI’s for your organizations.

3. Tie each campaign to a business goal and track them.


One can really take the leanings from Shashank’s talk and try to see if that could be implemented at his/her end. However what worked for someone may not work for you but then one can learn from others mistake 😉

And to know what the audience felt at the end of the talk then just check out the tweets below:

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