Shaadi Evolves To Appeal To The Modern Independent Woman Via #MyConditionsApply

Matchmaking service, has rebranded with a new logo and an evolved vision, reflected in its #MyConditionsApply TVC, celebrating modern independent women that claims to be the world’s no.1 matchmaking service has recently undergone a rebranding exercise. A brand new identity and logo mark an evolved brand philosophy. The big saffron dot in between the two “a’s” in the logo has given way to a little heart, laying emphasis on ‘love’ in a relationship. The text color has changed from a dark shade of red to a much lighter coral pink shade.

And, to communicate the new to the masses, the matchmaking service has launched a television commercial celebrating the modern Indian woman who lives life on her own terms. Reflecting the flavour of the season, it is women empowerment all the way for most Indian brands eager to capitalize on this new trend.

Celebrating a woman’s right to express herself, standing with her in support of the choices she makes, and giving her a platform to be proud of the choices she makes, is what brands are aspiring to be.’s new TVC called ‘My Conditions Apply’ takes us through the story of many such women who know their mind.

The 50-second spot begins with a question, “What would you never change about yourself in a relationship?’ while highlighting modern women and their responses. A girl is shown waking up late because she winded up work late last night. Another is shown wanting to share her life, but not the name, with her new partner. One is talking about her sky-high ambitions while being supportive of her partner too.

Finally, a girl is seen creating her profile on, with the *’My conditions apply’ tagline. All along the ad, the asterisk symbol ‘*’ implying conditions makes a prominent display.


It is unclear whether this is only one TVC or are there more in the series. There is no representation of men and their choices in the matchmaking services’ ad.

Like always, Shaadi leveraged its social media properties to amplify the new TVC. It launched the #MyConditionsApply contest inviting people to share what they would never want to change in their relationship. Participation was boosted with a number of exciting gratifications like Redmi 2, G-Shock, Sony Smartband, JBL Flip, iPod Shuffle, Nikon Coolpix and Philips Headphones.

Breaking traditions. Wooing millennials is generally perceived to be an online version of the traditional matrimonial services in India. While the country has been experiencing a rising youth demographic that believes in dating and discovering the right partner before they say yes, Shaadi had to evolve, which it has been doing gradually. The redesigned logo, the asterix symbolizing the conditions of the new age women, the TVC, all speak about an evolved brand vision. A brand that supports the modern, independent women with a clear goal for her life and her choice of life partner.

However, the ad would trigger a one-sided gender debate and that is not good for a brand that makes matches. Millennials prefer more gender-neutral brands and Shaadi could aspire to be one with its new vision. I’m hoping Shaadi also ropes in the men to share their conditions.