Sensational Maybelline Celebrates One Million Fans

About Sensational Maybelline crossing 1 million fans on Facebook

Make up and cosmetics brand, Maybelline has achieved one million fans on Facebook and in celebration the brand is giving away a gift hamper to the 10 best answers to ‘why you are born with it’.

Ever since brands have been growing their online communities on Facebook, it has become a mandatory practice to celebrate every milestone achieved, be it a lakh or two or maybe ten. Maybelline’s Facebook page ‘Sensational Maybelline’ has crossed the 1 million mark and in celebration, the brand has launched a simple contest around its tagline ‘Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline’. Fans have to tell why they are born with it and get their friends to like it. 10 highest voted reasons will win the gift hamper.


The contest is being run on a specially designed app.  As you can see in the screenshot, you can enter your response in the text area beneath. When you click on ‘post’, the app starts the authentication process where you can select permissions. I was able to proceed after skipping the app permissions.

All the entries are displayed below with an option to sort them by top rated or most recent. You can share any of the entries on your wall as well as ‘like’ it by clicking the ‘love’ button. The celebrations contest is an exclusive one for its fans. You have to ‘like’ the Facebook page if you want to participate. But strangely I couldn’t find any T&Cs associated with the contest. Also, the app could have made use of the ‘invite’ feature of Facebook, to help spread the word.

How does it help Facebook fan growth?

However, the engagement on the page looks good. Content is largely visual with big and colourful pictures centred around the concept of beauty and make up. Some of the posts have around more than 16K likes with more than 800 shares and comments. It’s no wonder then that Sensational Maybelline has featured in the top 10 brands by average engagement rate for the month of June and stands a fair chance for July as well.

Also, the fan growth seems to have grown massively. As per data from social media monitoring tool, Unmetric, nearly 86% of its million plus fans are female with 56% falling below 21 years of age and 39% in the 21-30 age group. Here’s a screenshot depicting the rising fan growth in the last month:


What’s interesting to note is that the ‘talking about this’ numbers show an unsteady movement with constant ups and downs but as long as a brand is able to drive engagement on its Facebook page, it is good to have ‘like’ campaigns and give your fans something they love you for.

I like what the page admin of Sensational Maybelline Facebook is doing, how about you?