Sennheiser India Is On The Hunt For The Perfect Music Fan On Facebook

About the hunt for The Perfect Music Fan by Sennheiser India on Facebook


Sennheiser India is on the hunt for ‘Sennheiser’s Perfect Music Fan’ on social media i.e Facebook and Twitter.

Since 1945, Sennheiser is a name that is associated with creating the greatest and the best sound experience for people. For more than 60 years, Sennheiser has provided audiophiles around the world a chance to enjoy unique sound experience. Definitely there are audiophiles like me who adore the brand Sennheiser. Sennheiser wants to find such fans and hence the hunt on social media.

“Pursuit of The Perfect Fan” Facebook Contest

Sennheiser India which had launched itself on Facebook in the month of January has already created a fan base of more than 30K. For the hunt, the brand has launched the “Pursuit of The Perfect Fan” contest and has also created a Facebook app. The contest is exclusive for fans which means that you will have to like the page before you can be a part of the contest.


The contest which is open for 3 weeks will have a winner declared on every Friday. Once the authentication is executed, you will land on a page that will ask you to share a status. This is just not a mere status update but if you want to win the contest then you will have to create a personal tagline for the music legend of your choice. Let’s say you are mad about Bob Marley then come up with a creative tagline for your idol and enter your status message in the area provided by the app. The app has a cool editor so that you can make your status message colorful too. And if you are lucky enough then you would be getting a  Sennheiser’s award-winning collectible “25 Landmarks That Changed Music”.

How cool is the Facebook app

The app designed for the purpose is a basic one since the contest doesn’t leave much choice to innovate. Nevertheless, the editor that has been provided to share your message is a good one. Along with colors and fonts you can also insert image, audio and video objects to make your message quite interesting.

Besides this, the app has incorporated sharing feature, is tested well and follows promotional guidelines. So considering the contest the app that has been designed is good.

The Social Media Campaign for the Contest

The campaign that has been designed by Sennheiser India falls short of expectations. Clearly shows that the idea of the current contest has not been extensively brainstormed. The idea to find the perfect fan of the brand is good but the contest that has been designed doesn’t match up. How can someone have a look at the status update about his idol and judge that he or she is the perfect fan?

If the brand really wanted to find out the real fans then it could have done some trivia contest or make fans earn for the tag “Pursuit of The Perfect Fan”.

However, the brand has thoroughly focused on its content on social media. The updates are interesting for the audiophiles and the Facebook page has also taken every effort to resolve queries of fans. The replies are just not lip service but they are making an effort to resolve the issues of the fan. The below screen grab highlights one such activity:


Twitter has been a hunting ground for Sennheiser India where the brand is constantly resolving queries, sharing information, etc. However the Facebook content stands out and has better engagement rates on it.

And I wish that the brand matches up its engagement along with ideas for Facebook contests in the coming future. Do have a look and let us know what you think about the campaign.