Sennheiser Asks #WhatsYourMomentum In Its Social Video Global Project

Review of Sennheiser MOMENTUM social video project that seeks to create a momentum with the help of video chains created by sound artists and music lovers

Sennheiser india whatsyourmomentum

Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones are an icon of sound. Taking inspiration from the iconic headphones and to celebrate sound artists from around the globe, the company has launched the MOMENTUM project, a 4-month social video campaign that will showcase the world’s most unique and inspiring sound stories from artists who have gone beyond the ordinary.

Together with Spotify, the audio specialist will introduce 100 sound stories from all over the world, in which Sennheiser will present videos that showcase the life and work of some of the world’s most inspirational people, sharing their projects and unique achievements and inviting others to share their own stories.

It features the legendary human beatbox EKLIPS, sound artists Nik Novak and Di Mainstone and Imogen Heap. These videos can be watched at the Sennheiser Momentum website, where you can also follow their journey and learn about their projects.

What’s your Momentum?

Sennheiser is also asking ‘What’s your Momentum?’ You can be a part of this project too by sharing your own sound stories at the site. Designed around creating a momentum with the help of video chains built by adding together videos of a same theme or idea, the MOMENTUM project seeks to create a user-generated social video project.

There are exciting prizes too – while the most compelling videos and ideas submitted will win prizes, including trips to London, New York and Tokyo that will offer the ultimate sound experiences, one can also win pairs of Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones and Spotify premium memberships.

Interestingly, you do not need to be musically inclined. A love of sound is what‘s most important. All you need to do is download the free What‘s your MOMENTUM? app, shoot your own 7-second video and add it to a MOMENTUM chain, or start your own chain. At present the chains created are around the idea of ‘dancing in public’, ‘never ending scream’, ‘speed rapping’, ‘drums are everywhere’ and ‘hammer on things’. You can start your own chain if adding to these does not interest you.

I downloaded the android app and registered; you can register with Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus login. Though I have yet to record something.

The project is making the rounds on Sennheiser India Facebook and Twitter pages. The brand has been inviting its fans to contribute their own sounds to the MOMENTUM chains.

Connecting with music buffs

Sennheiser is a trusted brand when it comes to headphones and speakers. But, it is very important for Sennheiser to create a strong bond with music lovers and to remain relevant to them and their fast evolving tastes. With the ‘What’s Your Momentum?’ global campaign, Sennheiser has managed to reach out to all of them and celebrate their exploration of new music. While music has no language, the campaign has no barriers in connecting globally.

Besides, the campaign brings together both the producers and the consumers of music on to one single platform, by involving talented sound artists and giving a chance to avid music lovers too. It helps in branding Momentum headphones as the headphone for those who create things in their own unique way.

Apart from the tangible prize of branded headphones, the campaign provides a killer experiential prize. Which music buff wouldn’t want to experience a live music gig, a meet & greet with a top artist and see a star at work in the recording studio? Project Momentum is sure building and catering to a community of music lovers for Sennheiser.