The World’s Best Selfie Phone Makes A Hilarious Debut With This ‘Every Selfie Addict Girl In The World’ Video

For the launch of Sony Xperia C3, the PROselfie Android smartphone, Sony collaborated with Culture Machine to create a satirical video on selfie-addicted girls

every selfie addict girl video

How do you create social buzz for a new smartphone designed specifically with selfie addicts in mind? With a crazy selfie video, of course!

Sony has introduced ‘Xperia C3 Dual’ - the PROselfie Android smartphone equipped with a 5MP, wide-angle front camera with LED flash and real-time selfie apps. A high resolution front camera and real-time selfie apps sounds like a good deal for a selfie junkie. Only a promotional advertisement would not justify a smartphone with this winning USP. So Sony embarked on a fun ride to establish the Xperia C3 as ‘The World’s Best Selfie Phone’.

It blended the social craze for selfies with the newfound love for hilarious videos on the internet to create the ‘Every selfie addict girl in the world’ video. The video is a satirical take on the various unbelievable yet absolutely truthful situations in which every selfie-addicted girl takes a selfie.

Sony India collaborated with Culture Machine for this 2 minute video featuring a girl who is absolutely nuts for selfies. It doesn’t matter whether she is at home, in a washroom, in the car or in a god forsaken changing room of a luxury brand store, the only thing that matters to her is to capture the moment with a selfie. From the moment, she gets her hands on a brand new Xperia C3, she goes around town on a selfie taking test. The situations by themselves are mundane, yet she insists on clicking and sharing various types of selfies for each of the situations.

In one instance, she even goes back to sleep, just to be able to take a #JustWokeUpSelfie, which she had forgotten to send her friend in the morning when she had actually woken up!

The video has garnered over 209K views since the three days of its launch. Meanwhile, Sony has been actively involved in talking about the smartphone’s pro-selfie features on the Sony Mobile India Facebook and Sony Xperia India Twitter page. The hilarious video isn’t being promoted by the brand though.

Understanding and appreciating the digital consumer’s behaviour is of utmost need today. The makers of the phone have rightly identified one of the most important conversation points of today’s youth – “selfies” and worked around it in a comical manner. The branding is extremely subtle in the video, though the video description gives away information about the Sony smartphone.

Cool launch indeed for a selfie phone and an even cooler product demo! What do you think?