Second Marriage Dot Com On Social Media

by Vinaya Naidu on August 11, 2021

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I had recently stumbled upon a Facebook ad for Second Marriage Dot Com, a seemingly interesting sounding film that comes across as a marriage portal at first. Upon clicking the ad, I was taken to an app that called for watching the trailer and that’s how I got hooked to the movie.

Second Marriage Dot Com deals around complexities of human emotions weaved with two adults getting their single parents married. The movie, which has been released yesterday, had been creating a buzz on social media ever since the beginning of this year. Moreover, the concept and plot provide for an amazing scope on social media. So I was curious to explore its social media activities.

The movie has a presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Second Marriage on Facebook

The movie has a cool fan base of more than 47K on Facebook, with nearly 20K talking about it. I liked the content and the variety in terms of engagement.

The app I had landed on runs the movie trailer which is then scrambled up. Users are then asked to join the displaced sequences in the movie, which I think is a simple and cool method to promote. And the incentive to do this – discount vouchers!

Content focuses on the characters of the movie. There is a good mix of text, images and video. I particularly liked the ‘Behind the scenes’ video.

There is a variety of promotions on the wall – like a flat 50% discount for sharing your stories. I liked the one for readers who have found their soulmate at a matrimony site! There was also another story contest for couples to share their take on marriage.

The content now is focusing around reviews of the movie at various popular movie review sites.

Second Marriage on YouTube

The YouTube brand channel has 32 subscribers and a total of 48K+ views for its 23 videos. Videos are are a mixture of the trailer, songs, dialogues, etc.

Second Marriage on Twitter

The Twitter account hasn’t yet explored its full potential. It follows 37 people and is being followed by 13, besides having created 272 tweets. The tweets share links to its Facebook page and are a reproduction of the same content.

As I’ve been observing most often, businesses are only engaging on Facebook, completely oblivious of the power of Twitter. This 140-charactered microblogging tool not only captures human emotions every moment, it also helps you to connect to just about anybody and create lasting relationships.

SecondMarriage could have employed Twitter in a much more constructive method. The idea behind the movie and its complexities could have been used to create a discussion. I wouldn’t say a blog is required for a movie, but definitely they could have shared more snippets and spicy titbits on Twitter, and given a good mix of its videos.

The major point that’s often ignored is why are you on a particular network if it is only going to be a replication of your other networks?

Ending thoughts

As digital budgets are tighter compared to what businesses are ready to spend on other mediums, it is difficult to actually judge a social media presence for short-term ventures, like movies for instance. At times, a lot of awesome ideas cannot be executed since the agency is cash-strapped or dictated by the movie makers.

Leaving aside the budget-concept-execution equation, I think the movie does moderately well on social media. Facebook could have done much better in terms of engagement. Fans could be treated to scenes around the plot rather than offering discount vouchers.

What do you think about Second Marriage Dot Com engaging on social media?

Vinaya Naidu

Co-Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. A student of life, art and building relationships. Love to read just about anything and strongly believe that books make a beautiful world.

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  • Sandeep Todi

    It’s increasingly the preferred choice. If you have an interesting twist to your story, it’s likely to be more successful in viral media

    • Vinaya Naidu

      true! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sandeep!

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