Search Tweets, DM And Google Services Via CloudMagic

Search Your Tweets, DM And Google Services Via CloudMagic

Despite being in the social media age, I think we all still depend heavily on emails, don’t we? But one common problem that I have faced is that while I am writing an email, I often have to open another tab to find certain contacts or mails that I need to refer. I know it is not a big deal but in today’s fast paced life, every second counts. Another problem that I face is finding old tweets and DM’s. You can track old tweets but scrolling in any app such as Hootsuite takes a while. Tracking DM’s are quite painful as Twitter shows only 100 of your recent DM’s. Twitter DM’s are a bit irritating and Robert Scoble shares the same view point here. However, CloudMagic the magical app from Webyog.  is all set to resolve my problems and that too at lightening speed.

So what is CloudMagic?

Cloud Magic is a tiny little app with mighty features powered by cloud based services. It is a super fast search box for all your online work. Initially, it does a quick search for all your Google products. So once you install this add-on on your browser, it starts creating a search index of your online data on your local hard disk. So if I am writing an email and I want to pull up a mail from say ‘Prajyot’. Then I simply need to type in the word and within seconds I am listed with a set of mails and the app lists other services such as Google Docs, Events, Contacts. So isn’t that a cool way of getting all the information in a fraction of a second?

Cloud Magic Gmail Results


Cloud Magic recently has upgraded this amazing feature to Twitter also. So henceforth if I want to pull up a tweet that had a particular keyword then it will show all the tweets from my timeline and which will include mentions and DM’s too. So if I search for Prajyot then the latest version of Cloud magic provides me information from Google Mails, Docs, Events, Contacts and even Twitter in a fraction of a second.


CloudMagic Twitter Search


Do check CloudMagic’s nice little video that explains all about the app.

[youtube 8RrH-cysl7E 400 300]

Is it Cool?

Yes it is a cool app and the reasons I think so are as follows:

1. It is quick and simple to install. No hassles at all for Chrome lovers.

2. You need to just type the word and you are provided with results.

3. The search is really quick and I think that is why it has been named as a Magic app.

4. Now I can search my old tweets in no time with my DM’s too. CloudMagic can pull up 3200 old tweets from user timeline and 800 old tweets from the Home timeline with no limits on DM’s.

5. Apart from the app, Cloud Magic provides a search page where you can find all the results in a sorted format.


What more can it have?

The app no doubt is an amazing one and with the addition of other services will be even better. However, differentiating tweets and DM’s is a bit difficult now. So that’s one thing we would like to have.

Do give a try to this killer app and let us know your thoughts on it. In the meanwhile, we will get you thoughts from Chirag, Product Manager of CloudMagic in our next post.