Scream And Win A Stylish Makeover With Jabong’s Screamville On Facebook

About Jabong Screamville contest where the best scream can win you a makeover on a TV show


Online fashionable clothing and accessories portal, Jabong brings Screamville contest on Facebook where a fan can scream her way to win a chance for a fabulous makeover on “I’m too sexy Get the Look” in NDTV Good Times!

In the times of coupons and discount vouchers, I am mighty impressed with Jabong’s Screamville campaign where the incentive for a fan is aligned with the objective.  The brand does indulge in voucher giveaways as those are necessary but the cool surprise to feature on a TV show, might be a very healthy move for the brand. Besides being on television, the fan also gets a free makeover from style experts!

About Screamville

Screamville is hosted by a neat app on the Jabong Facebook page. There are tabs for Home, How it works, Gallery, Leaderboard and Invite friends. ­The home page resembles a website with complete information about the contest. Check out the T&Cs below and watch the accompanying video about the TV program.

Jabong Screamville

Click on ‘Scream and win’ to get started. Then upload an existing file or use the webcam. Ask for votes from friends and family after your video gets uploaded. You can also participate through the ‘How it works’ tab.

The Gallery hosts videos along with profile photos and number of votes it has received. However, most of the videos did not play. Leaderboard shows you a list of the top videos on the basis of votes. Invite friends, as the name suggests opens up the Facebook Invite feature, where you can invite your friends and ask for votes.

How cool is Screamville?

Screamville is beautifully aligned with Jabong’s objective on Facebook – Let us be your new online addiction. When a brand serves fashion, it must talk fashion in every sense. By giving an opportunity to your ‘fashion-conscious’ community to be a part of the most popular ‘makeover’ program on TV, you have hit the bulls eye!

Apart from having an awesome idea, the design of the app is clean, appealing and smooth. However, it isn’t a ‘like’ campaign. You can participate without liking the page, which in my opinion is something the brand has skipped. Doesn’t it make sense to use this campaign for building your community too?

Besides, the campaign has major problems in execution:

1. The basis of the judgement leaves room for doubt: How does one avoid bogus voting? The T&Cs state that 5 fans would be shortlisted based on their scream and the votes they garner. But from the 17 videos in the gallery, most of them do not play and the one that played did not have a ‘scream’, but had many votes!

2. App has been deployed without being tested fully: When I tried the webcam option to upload my entry, nothing seemed to happen. The webcam should have loaded but it didn’t, so how was I supposed to use that option? Also, the videos displayed in the Gallery do not play except for one, which isn’t a ‘scream’ in any sense of the word – it is rather a fan’s testimonial to Jabong and should have been removed in the first place.

So have you screamed yet? The contest is open till the 16th and also let us know how you liked Screamville.