Schmitten Premium Chocolate Is So Good, You Can Punish Someone Asking For A Bite

Rajhans Group-owned premium chocolate brand, Schmitten has been launched with a creative social media strategy, here we look at the various initiatives executed on social media.

Gone are the days of sharing. Real estate giant, Rajhans Group-owned premium chocolate, Schmitten that makes its chocolates from world-class Swiss technology, says that your Schmitten is only yours to have, it is not meant to be shared with anyone. In fact, it also goes to the extent of making it a punishable crime to even ask for a bite of the precious chocolate!

In the new television commercial, it has roped in actress and singer, Priyanka Chopra as a Broadway singer. Dressed in the traditional Chinese robe, she warns against touching her Schmitten in a song and dance routine. She sings that taking her Schmitten is a crime and that even hardcore jailbirds agree with her.

Conceptualised by Publicis South Asia, the idea was to make a mark as a naughty chocolate, as opposed to other popular chocolates that rely on their sweetness and sharing philosophy.

The same is also reflected in its digital debut that created curiosity around the new Schmitten and how it is meant to be had. The chocolate brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages started the social buzz by creating intrigue around the product. The pages shared a number of teasers where guys were shown being punished for asking for a bite. While one guy had to get his really hairy legs waxed, another had to do the chicken dance in front of the class and the third had to undergo a tattoo a guy would never want, it read, “I’m pregnant”.

As people wondered about the harsh punishment meted out to those who dared to ask for a bite, the brand asked them to guess who likes her Schmitten so much that she dares to punish anyone taking it. Priyanka’s poster is pixelated and keeps getting clearer with the people guessing and tweeting about it. There were chocolate hampers to be won.

The TVC is eventually revealed, but the #SchmittenTeaser riddle carries on. The brand asks its fans and followers to visit its website to be able to answer the riddles and stand a chance to win Flipkart vouchers.

People are being put behind bars for asking for a bite of Schmitten. The brand is now going to different cities punishing those who are asking bites from Schmitten owners.

A shocking take!

Getting punished for asking for a bite of any kind of food, is something unheard of in any part of the world. But, anything goes in the advertising world, especially if it has great shock value. Schmitten’s launch has been well planned to create a lasting impact on the consumer who was hitherto left to choose between premium chocolates by Cadbury or Nestle. The television commercial seems a little complex to comprehend, but the promotional initiatives on social media have been well executed.

Creating curiosity around the new chocolate and the celebrity brand ambassador and then following it up with a contest so people could learn more about the range of Schmitten chocolates is a good way to introduce a brand on social. The teaser videos and the visuals are quite impressive. The campaign could proceed towards further engagement by asking its fans to taste a Schmitten and then share ways of punishment for anyone who asks a bite of it.

Rajhans and Publicis have taken a bold step for Schmitten, one that has given it a flashy launch and needs to be sustained by good storytelling. Do share your views on the Schmitten launch.