SBI Life Insurance Targets Dads, Asks “Are You A Great Dad”

SBI Life Insurance has launched the 'Great dad' campaign that is asking dads if they are good, here we look at how good is the buzz creation on social media


Life insurance companies are gearing up for the tax saving season. Be it television, radio, newspapers or the social media world, every life insurance brand is going gung ho about the importance of having your life insured. SBI Life Insurance – the joint venture life insurance company between State Bank of India (SBI), the largest state-owned banking and financial services company in India, and BNP Paribas Assurance – has taken the ‘dad’ route to do this.

SBI Life is asking dads ‘Are you a great dad?” through its latest campaign called ‘Great Dad’. Conceptualised by Ogilvy and Mather, the campaign has a beautiful ad film at the center that emphasizes on fatherhood.

In the ad we see an army man back from duty waiting outside his son’s school to receive him. The overjoyed son rushes into his arms on seeing his dad. We see the two of them spending a lot of time together until the mum steps in to get the son ready for school.

Like kids begin imitating their parents, this little guy follows his dad’s every action including polishing his shoes. Later when the son is about to fall asleep on the sofa, tired from reading a storybook, the dad gets in just in time to place a cushion between his head and the sofa. A narrative all throughout the film takes the story towards its message – it talks about how ‘great dads’ always make sure to be there for their kids even in their absence.

On the digital space, the insurance brand is spreading the message by sharing situational visuals aimed at dads. The Facebook and Twitter pages of SBI Life have been painted with #GreatDad visuals. Conversations are focused around appreciating, encouraging and reassuring dads on their fatherly duties.

Celebrating life with dads

There hasn’t been a #GreatDad contest on Twitter as yet, asking the dads on Twitter to share personal stories of when they were a great dad. Nonetheless, being a great dad is important both in life and after it, when you aren’t around to be there for your children. However, that’s what all life insurance companies exist for, to insure a life so that dependents are taken care of in the event of death of the insured life. As fathers are the sole earners in most of India, the message is pointed at them with a ‘think-worthy’ question – Are you a great dad?’

The SBI Life ‘Great Dad’ proposition is no different than the ones by most life insurance brands in India. It is a targeted campaign to mobilize dads to get their lives insured, only the route chosen to do so is an emotional one. It is interesting to see buzz creation on social media with the help of relevant visuals and the campaign hashtag.