Save Delhi University Rallies Support Through Facebook

A look at the 'Save Delhi University Campaign' and its use of Facebook to spread the cause


The teachers and students of Delhi University are united in a sole cause of late. And, that is to save the Delhi University from commoditising education. Ever since the DU decided to add another year to its existing 3-year degree programme beginning this July 2013, there has been a growing protest against this. The protest has now gained momentum with the students and teachers launching a ‘Save Delhi University’ campaign that hopes to garner public support through a petition addressed to the Prime Minister.

The petition highlights upon the adverse implications of the four-year undergraduate course citing fee hikes, privatization, commodification and dilution of the comprehensive character of education to affect the student’s careers, amongst other things. Apart from protesting at metro stations, colleges and other public places, Save DU has also launched a dedicated website and a Facebook page, to help spread the message online.

While the website serves as a one-stop source of information regarding the campaign, the Facebook page gives you a roundup of the daily activities planned for the campaign, in addition to sharing press releases for them. The below is a poster shared on the wall  inviting everyone to join the cause.

Save DU FB poster

Save DU campaign on Facebook has also used the Events feature to keep its fans updated on the on ground protest activities. The page shares images from the various protest events, in addition to mobilising people about the adverse affects of the planned four-year term.

The importance of quality education and the need to stop age-old undemocratic ways of running it, has given rise to movements like the ‘Save DU’ campaign. And, social media platforms like Facebook add a convenient mode to spreading such movements, amongst the youth.