‘Saturday Night, Alright!’ MTV India Launches India’s First Exclusive Web Series

MTV India and McDowell's No. 1 soda launch India's first exclusive web series ‘Saturday Night, Alright!’, a 12 part series about four friends who get together every Saturday night


Online viewers need not complain about the lack of content on the web. MTV India has teamed up with McDowell’s No. 1 soda to bring a first-of-its-kind fiction series for the web called ‘Saturday Night, Alright!’ Based on the brand’s philosophy of ‘Stay Raw’ that encourages young people to be what they are, the youth brand hopes to reach out to the ever increasing digital content consumers in the country through the new web series.

Saturday Night, Alright!

Saturday Night, Alright! is a 12 part series that gives viewers a glimpse into young people’s lives through the stories of four friends - Zam, Ajax, Sahana and Venky, who meet up for their Saturday night parties to celebrate the end of another busy week.

MTV Saturday Night, Alright

Each episode will be of 10 - 12 minutes only and will cover the friendly banter over the course of one Saturday night. The themed episodes will have the friends discussing on varied painpoints of their life like bosses, relationships, landlords apart from regular conversations about friendship, love, sex, politics and cricket.

The first episode that is less than 10 minutes long went live on the web yesterday. Apart from friendly conversations, a viewer is also acquainted with a little background story of each of the characters in this episode. The episode on YouTube has been viewed more than 1200 times, with 30+ likes as opposed to 10+ dislikes till date. Interestingly, the nights are enlivened with  McDowell’s whiskey giving good company to the four friends. Here’s the video:

The web show can also be accessed at the MTV website and McDowell’s No. 1 social media networks. Promotions for the show have been on since some time. Positioned as ‘too cool for TV’, a promo video was launched for Saturday Night, Alright! a few days earlier and also created buzz on social media with many updates on the youth brand’s social networks.

Web content for the urban youth

Creating youth-centric short web episodes and driving traffic through its website and the 5.4 million strong fan base on Facebook and nearly 930K followers on Twitter, seems to be a smart turn on MTV’s road map. The television brand is sure to resonate with the young people through yet another medium i.e. internet.

The experimental brand has had many web only programmes earlier, that also involved social interactions. Launched last summer, ‘Drive with MTV‘ is the brand’s foray into a social road trip along with Tata Nano. The trip had 4 teams in their Tata Nanos drive across the country for 21 days, and share their journey live everyday across social media platforms while they earned points on every like, comment, share, retweet, etc. This year the show had crowdsourced its route through Twitter.

On similar lines was ‘Chase The Monsoon’ where the trip was on a bike. 3 teams and 1 couple set out on a 21-day road trip across India with a limited budget to explore the various places as well as manage their expenses like stay, fuel, food, etc. They could take help via social media to contact friends in other cities to host them or help them in anything they needed.

Looking forward to more episodes of ‘Saturday Night, Alright!’ and waiting for other brands to pick up web fiction as part of their content plans.