Why And How Sapient India Is Looking To Recruit TroubleMakers

Sapient India is recruiting troublemakers, the ones who question the status quo. MD, Rajdeep Endow talks about the 360 degree marketing campaign by the firm


Sapient India, a part of Publicis.Sapient, is on the lookout for talent. The company has set a target to increase its headcount by 20 percent. But, surprisingly, it is not looking for the next ninja or a jack of all trades, instead it is looking for the troublemaker. The ones who are the default choice whenever trouble takes inception.

To intrigue the troublemakers – a rare breed of extraordinary minds that are not afraid to break boundaries in digital innovation and transformation, Sapient has launched a campaign called Troublemakers. “Because no one ever created history without creating a little bit of trouble.”

“The Troublemakers campaign is our way of attracting the kind of people who can fuse creativity and technology, along with an understanding of brands and consumers to solve business problems,” shared Rajdeep Endow, Managing Director, Sapient India.

Hiring good talent in the digital marketing world has become really tough especially in a rapidly evolving industry. Besides you can’t have the age-old boring recruiting techniques at a time when the choices for an employee are far too many!

Aside from the money, today focus is also on the agency work, culture and other factors. The scenario becomes a little tricky when a sizeable portion of your staff are millennials or young minds. Then you really need to raise the bar. ReadHow These 10 Indian Digital Agencies Are Recruiting Millennials.

To begin with Sapient launched two one-minute digital films titled ‘Compliment Generator’ and ‘English To English Translator’. The first video is about a people pleasing employee, the one you find in every organization. The video ends with a voiceover stating that Sapient isn’t looking for people pleasers but trouble makers, those who always speak their mind. If you are the one then you are asked to apply at troublemakers.co.in

The second video – English to English converter is about another typical character we find in every office, the ones who excel in cut, copy and pasting ideas rather than creating. The video ends with a message for troublemakers and the portal address to apply.

The multi-color microsite defines the troublemakers on its home page so that you are well aware, if you still have doubts then take the quiz to test if you are a ‘misfit’ who would fit in with the agency’s requirements. Once you are done with the situational quiz, the result can be shared on social media.

Over an email conversation Rajdeep informs Lighthouse Insights that the idea was to engage its audience through an experience that would intrigue the participants. “A game engages at both the conscious and the sub conscious levels. If you look at ‘Quiz’ as an approach, it is something that challenges, and we decided to make this challenge fun through the Troublemakers quiz, that lets people test their Troublemaker quotient. Everyone has a bit of Trouble in them, how one manifests is different. This quiz lets the users discover their quotient which they can publish on their social media profiles.”

The portal has sections like ‘Handiwork’ which is a quick snapshot of the work Sapient has been doing. No boring textual content but all in the form of videos. ‘Figure Us Out’ section is a snapshot of content that shows how the company is being recognized by the world.

Of all the categories on the microsite, the one that left me a bit confused was the “Your Role” section. This is where you can find the relevant jobs but on click the portal drives me to another Sapient Careers portal. If I was a job seeker I would have loved to see the jobs in the same portal may be in an interesting format, but driving me to another portal might just kill my interest. And this action will be challenged on a 5 inch screen where you would hardly want to navigate.

However, I am told that Sapient wants to cross-pollinate its digital properties. “The Sapient career site exposes the users to additional content and houses a plethora of reasons that make working at Sapient desirable,” Rajdeep reasoned. “We want candidates to think beyond jobs and to focus on building a career at Sapient and the career site gives them a sneak peek into our world,” he added.

To reach out to the millennials, Sapient is leveraging social media and blogs. I am informed that the media mix has been designed to interact with the audience anytime, anywhere, and using a mix of social, on ground and outdoor as well. At events like GIDS in Bangalore, millennials can engage with innovations created by Troublemakers and explore the possibilities of ‘what and how’.

Out of home/outdoor are also being used to create awareness about the brand and the campaign. “Since, the tone of the campaign is bold and speaks to the mind-set of continuous learning and a journey in a constantly evolving world, it is also reflected in our choice of outdoors which includes the Rapid Metro in Gurgaon and buses in Bangalore. We also have some billboards across Bangalore and Noida.” 

Along with driving 360 degree promotions for the campaign at Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, Sapient is bringing a cultural shift to accommodate the millennials. The company with its open and non-hierarchical structure has always been enabling better work environments for people. In fact millennials who are looking to innovate, experiment and explore want such work environment.

In fact in our latest article – How agencies are retaining talent, apart from providing a good salary most of the agencies vouched for nurturing talent, giving them work space and the liberty to execute their ideas. “The first is the culture of the company. One must create a culture that is conducive for the growth of your talent and I have most often noticed a relaxed and free spirited one gives the right kind of space for talent to nurture and eventually blossom in the form of great ideas,” informed Carlton D’Silva, CEO & COO, Hungama Digital Services while sharing the 3 important elements that need to be present for retaining talent (apart from the obvious one of a good salary).

The culture of openness, which encourages open discussion and asking of questions is part of our ethos too, informs Rajdeep.

“With this campaign we are looking to add more of the kind that make Sapient successful. We are bringing to the fore, the values that make us who we are. Encouraging more of the kind, openly calling out the traits of who we believe will lead the future, is a way for us to reinforce what we believe, in a language that is commonly understood.”

He further added, “Recognizing and rewarding the Troublemaker behavior, highlighting role models, sharing stories are few things that will help solidify the foundation of creating this culture.”

It is quite rare to find agencies investing time on them, because most of the time is exhausted in serving the client. Not just the videos that tie up with the core message in a quirky way, but the overall 360-degree approach ties well too. However, it would be interesting to see how many millennials actually show interest in Sapient. Nevertheless a decent effort from Sapient that has been known in the industry for creating some breathtaking work in the recent past. According to HT, the recent British Airways ad where an air hostess meets an old Indian granny on a flight has received The A-List Hollywood Moving Image Advertising Awards.