How SAP’s Real Time Data Is Helping ICC Build On Fan Engagement For #CWC15

SAP, Analytics partner for the ICC World Cup 2015 is engaging with cricket fans by bringing its power of big data on ICC's portal and mobile apps

“In business and sport, backing up intuition with data is the way to success,” Adam Gilchrist, the renowned ex-Australian wicket keeper said at the recent SAP summit. Crunching big data into consumable format whether in the form of cool infographics or creative visuals has been the chosen way by technology giants to come closer during the ongoing International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup 2015. We have seen IBM doing the same with its #Scorewithdata and Microsoft’s #BingPredicts trying to get match predictions right by computing historical and social data.

Late last year ICC announced an innovative new partnership with SAP SE, a worldwide leader in enterprise application software services, as its exclusive Analytics and Cloud Partner for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

According to the alliance, SAP will utilize its HANA and Lumira software to power numerous live match experiences across the ICC’s network of websites, to enhance the experience for fans and media with real-time data, statistics and performance analysis that will help them get closer to the action and tell more insightful and informed stories. This information is updated every 20 seconds.

Besides SAP will provision cloud-based services to host the ICC’s historical ICC Cricket World Cup statistics database, incorporating match data for its flagship ODI event. “This data will be made publicly available over the coming months, offering fans a multitude of ways to analyse previous team and player performances,” said ICC

SAP powering the Match Center

On the website Match Center is the hub of the ongoing world cup cricket game along with historical data of all the previous games played in the tournament. In addition to features like scorecard, teams, videos, photo and social streams (tweets from fans about the game), Hawk-Eye is one of the crucial data insights SAP is bringing to fans. Hawk-Eye is categorized further with more insights such as Pitch Map, Run Per Over, Wagon Wheel, Trajectory Viewer, among others.

Select any one of them and you can further fetch more in-depth insights. For example the below screen grab is the wagon wheel or the scoring wheel of Rohit Sharma during the quarter-final match against Bangladesh’s strike bowler Rubel Hossain.


These are the same Hawk-Eye data charts that you get to see on your TV screens. The beauty is that now you can have them all on the ICC portal as well as on your smartphones.

SAP powering the Stats section

Stats is a section on its own on the portal and mobile powered by SAP. Click on the section and you are provided with a snapshot of ICC CWC 2015 stats, Record Holders and Team Records. Take a look at the data and  you would know that the top run scorer till now is Kumar Sangakkara with 541 runs followed by B Taylor from Zimbabwe. Mohammed Shami the seamer from India happens to be the leading wicket taker.

Click further and you are taken one level deeper into stats such as Best Economy, Best Average, Most Centuries, Most Sixes among others.

In addition to this, the site is holding up an archive of data going back to the CWC 1975. The company states that it is providing 40 years of ICC Cricket World Cup historical statistics to fans. “This data is featured on the ICC Match Centre and offers fans new ways to compare past and present team and player performance.”

The 40 years old data and the applied intelligence over it by SAP has now powered each and every game with predictive analysis, that you watch on your television screen. This set of analytics brings in the probable outcome of the game based on past data, environmental factors and a lot of other cricketing data.

Take a look at the keys to success data - India wins when it is defending a total more than 270. India has won the game while defending a total of 300 in the quarterfinal against Bangladesh.

SAP’s social media efforts need a boost

Today conversations happen on Twitter and if you are not tapping them then you are really missing out. SAP definitely has done an excellent job in crunching numbers and showcasing them on ICC’s portal and mobile apps but social media has been a disappointment.

Other than a few tweets here and there on the ICC World Cup data, SAP’s Twitter accounts have been a big disappointment.

IBM’s #Scorewithdata is also a similar effort where the tech giant introduced its technologies around cloud and analytics to turn data into insights with the aim of providing an unforgettable experience for every fan as they enjoy the matches.

But at the same time IBM has been transforming the data into visual creatives and sharing them actively during the games. Look at some of the visuals powered with interesting data gathered during the first and second quarter-final.

ICC has occasionally shared some of the data on social media but SAP can do way much more than just the occasional tasteless infographics.

SAP has been associated with sports for quite some time. Germany which lifted the FIFA world cup in Brazil last year had tied up with SAP to collaborate their technological advances to enhance player performance and boost its winning chances.

With the ICC association for the World Cup 2015, SAP has taken its data analytics capabilities one step ahead. Going further it wants to mine social data to bring insights from the social media chatter during such sporting events.