Sanjay Mehta Shares About Youth Marketing Using Social Media At #SocialIndia

Sanjay Mehta Shares About Youth Marketing Using Social Media At #SocialIndia

Day one at #SocialIndia ended with mixed responses. Few considered that it was a success while some of them felt that the content shared by a couple of presenters didn’t have any new inputs. Personally, I belonged to the second group however I believe that there were takeaways for the first group who are trying to board the bus of social media.

Day two had a great line of speakers, both international and local and a couple of them were my favorite. One of them is Sanjay Mehta, Jt CEO of SocialWave Length. I have heard Sanjay few times and as always he bears the same calmness and control while he talks. At #SocialIndia Sanjay was addressing the participants to reach youth market in India using social media. Youth market is a segment that every business in India today wants to tap in but are they addressing it in the right way was the topic of discussion of Sanjay’s talks.

Sanjay’s talk focused on the social media strategy, youth market insights, brands and few case studies. Sanjay focused a good time on explaining the social media strategy as it is still misunderstood by many. He said that social media strategy is:

“Lot more than creating and having a Facebook page.”


So should the online campaign strategy and the offline strategy for a brand be in sync was one of the questions from the audience. Sanjay agreed and added that:

“Yes as a brand one would like to have a sync up but at times it is not possible for many factors. Saying that brands should try to keep a sync.”


Sanjay also focused on what is social media and when do brands come into picture when social media is all about sharing. With this Sanjay shared the 4 P’s of social media strategy:

1. People

2. Purpose

3. Plan

4. Process


Some might debate that why ‘People’ is at the top but what I feel is that the rest of the 3P’s are driven by People.With this Sanjay shared some great insights about youth market focusing on India. ‘Fun’ and the ‘Me’ quotient is quite important for today’s youth. The youth today loves Bollywood, Music, Humor but he also wants to see what is in it for him. It is more about I, Me, Myself and it has to be now. Gadgets have been the main mantra especially cool mobiles for today’s Indian youth.

Insights were quite interesting and most of the youth seem to agree in the crowd. However, one young girl asked that why is education missing from the list. Sanjay mentioned that:

“What I have seen is that the youth doesn’t like preaching. So there may be some who are interested in education but not the rest of the crowd. However if a brand wants to bring the education quotient then it will have to be in the form of fun or games.”


Moving ahead Sanjay shared his agency’s experience with their client Channel V for which they had designed a youth campaign. One of the learning’s that he shared was that one should not think of creating Farmville’s but focus on simple things that people can do. He also shared how successful was the initiative and details about “Sabse Liked College” initiative which resulted in the growth of million plus fans.Channel V’s youth campaign is a great case study for one to look and understand how the youth market works. However are we focusing on the objective of the content once it is being shared or are we more interested in the number of likes and comments was another question asked by the audience. Sanjay’s response was:

“Yes it has been seen that once content is shared then we have seen some discussions happening that is not in line with the objective. We can’t control it but as a social media manager I am happy that people are ready to involve in conversations.”


Sanjay’s interesting presentation is shared below and as the youth of India, do you think you are being addressed or are there some areas that Indian marketers are overlooking?

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