Sandip Maiti Shares His Strategy On Snexy[Interview]

Sandip Maiti Shares His Strategy on Snexy[Interview]

Snexy, the hunt for ‘India’s most loved snack’ campaign was reviewed by me a few days ago. A campaign that actually changed the way we look at snacks as they are no more food items. They are now real characters and if you still are not aware of this campaign, then do check the review here. With this we had also promised to get thoughts from the horses mouth itself. So shared below is the email interview which we did with Sandip Maiti, CEO at Experience Commerce:


Experience Commerce

1. How did you design the ‘Snexy’ campaign aligned to its objective and what were the challenges that you faced?

Experience Commerce Digital Agency and Britannia came up with this interesting idea of a “Reality Snack show” instead of an ordinary simple teaser which every other brand does nowadays. The motive was to do something creative and innovative so that the Teaser campaign stands out and has an impact on everyone who sees and experiences the ride that includes 7 snacks competing over 5 rounds over a period of 15 days! Never before has this kind of concept been explored before!

It took more than 2 and half months for the whole creative and content team to put up what Snexy is today with relentless work and dedicated efforts. Not to mention the positive buzz that got generated thereafter which helped the campaign get a special mention in all the major marketing sites in India.

Snexy today has more than 15,000 facebook fans and an ever-increasing following on the website.

2. Linking Facebook and Blog together is awesome and quite rare these days. How important has the blog been in this whole campaign and what kind of response have you received on the blog?

The blog has been very effective in generating interest and enthusiasm on the whole Reality Show angle from an audience point of view. If we were just to put facebook updates or may be some creative pictures, that would not have been sufficient to showcase the whole story about how the 7 snacks are desperate to get people’s attention and crown themselves as “India’s most loved snack”. The blogs were able to convey what the snack avatars felt and how the Reality show was going on in “Snexville”. Of course, linking facebook and blogs was most effective to catch user interest and keep them engaged all the while both on facebook and the website.

3. You have one main Facebook page and seven other Facebook pages for the snacks. I must say the engagement level is up to the mark in all pages and managing them is not easy, so what has been the learning’s for you?

We have learnt that being creative and synchronising your creative efforts with top notch content pays off! Many time we picked up what was going on in current affairs and just implemented that in the campaign on Social Media with a funny twist and it really worked wonders for the campaign. Audience found it both funny and fresh at the same time propelling them to come back for more on Snexy.

Besides, we have a great social media and content, creative team which worked to total harmony with each other, so managing the site and social media wasn’t hard at all.

4. Twitter presence is there but not as prolific as your Blog and Facebook. Any specific reasons or you plan to beef it up in the future?

There has been a lot said about Snexy on Twitter by other people who read the coverage from your blog and other marketing websites, which, we are thrilled to see. We probably didn’t get much engagement on our own page during the course of the last one month. We are gearing up our whole social media team in the coming months to deal specifically with Twitter and hopefully would see better results the same way we saw on the blogs and Facebook of Snexy.

5. How about sharing some real numbers of your social media campaign in terms of active users engaging on Facebook and Blog?

Sure! Pls see the below images for your question

[imagebrowser id=2]

6. I believe results of your online reality show Snexy would be out soon. So as a campaign, how do you plan to take it further?

The way I see it, Multigrain Thins from Britannia has been named the True Snexy and people have appreciated our efforts for the teaser whole-heartedly! In the coming months, we would want more brand engagement around the snack and would unleash a bevy of interesting and creative content on the site. Watch out for Snexy!


One of the highlights of the content strategy is the way the team at  Experience Commerce mixed it with current affairs and made it fun. This really connected to people and presenting snacks as characters did the magic. A campaign that is worth looking at if you really want to learn about content and how to connect with people through it. Thanks Sandip for sharing your thoughts on the campaign and we would look forward to some more cool work like this.

Do share what your views are on the Snexy campaign and do you think the guys at Experience Commerce have a done a killer job?

P.S. If you are aware of interesting Indian social media campaigns then feel free to buzz at connect[at]lighthouseinsights[dot]in and we would be happy to review it giving credit to you 🙂