Sandip Maiti On Growing Up In Kolkata, Working On Control Systems And Shift To The Media Business [Video]

Sandip Maiti, Founder at Experience Commerce talks about growing up in Kolkata, working on control systems and his shift to the media business


 “We are doing really well and I start by saying that we have been plain lucky to survive in this market condition. We have grown 40% year on year and we have a healthy top and bottom line. I think this also because of the differentiated strategy that is building experiences, assets and data mining insights. Each of these areas we have built a lot of IPs. Besides, thanks to our premium customer relations we are looking forward to more years ahead,” shared Sandip Maiti in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Sandip is the founder and CEO at Experience Commerce, an independent digital agency based out in Mumbai for more than eight and a half years. The journey of the Kolkata born carefree guy is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. The Xavier’s pass out wasn’t that inclined to studies initially and off campus was his favorite spot most of the time.

Life moved on for the young man, who completed his engineering, got married and settled with a job. Life would have been great for anyone else but for not Sandip as he became restless with his life. “One fine day I questioned myself that this is not how I am going to live the rest of my life - happily married with my parents in Kolkata.”

Thereafter, he decided to move to the US with his wife for further studies. “I did a strange thing, I decided to go to the US with my wife and study. I also suddenly got interested in studies, cracked all the exams and landed in Case Western Reserve University to do my MS in Systems Engineering.”

In this first part of video conversation, he talks about his life at Experience Commerce and later shares about his early days in Kolkata. Further, he describes being busy developing and marketing system control software in the US which ended after he decided to return to India.

Sandip also talks about the shift to the marketing and media space while working at Jasubhai Digital Media.“Early on my grad school professor had figured out that I had some innate qualities in marketing and sales. So in the  US I was doing a lot of marketing and sales, so it was not new to move into when I came to India and started working here.”