Samsung’s Olympic Campaign “The Chant”, Israel Calls Facebook A Monster

World digital news - Samsung is running “The Chant” keeping in mind the 2016 Olympics, Israel has accused Facebook of not doing enough to curb online content that incites violence against the state, and more

Samsung Olympics Chant: Samsung is running “The Chant”, a commercial featuring South Sudan 400 metre runner Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan, as part of the company’s sponsorship of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

How a Sweet, Simple Instagram Photo Gave Rise to a Sweeping Global Travel Brand: Little did Murad Osmann know that he would start a viral photo series when he snapped a seemingly simple picture of his then-girlfriend, Nataly, and uploaded it to Instagram while on vacation in 2011. The couple was spending a few extra days in Barcelona after a work trip when Murad took a simple shot of her walking through a door spray-painted with graffiti, his arm outstretched to hold her hand.

How Hotels Are Luring Millennials in the Era of Airbnb: Airbnb has been cited as a huge disrupter in the hotel industry, heralded as the next big thing in travel as consumers embraced the sharing economy. As more young travelers ditched traditional hotels in favor of Airbnb’s funky local lofts, tree houses and houseboats, some wondered if it would crush old-school hotel chains’ business.

Snapchat’s Teen Fans Wince as App Catches On With Their Folks: Paris Zeikos says he noticed a surprising trend on Snapchat. Parents have started creeping onto the messaging app, a social-media outlet long dominated by teens.

‘Ice Cream Books’ is your delicious Instagram for summer reading: Instagram account Ice Cream Books has a new way to get you to read this summer — by pairing book recommendations with ice cream and then letting the desserts get all melty.

China says it will crack down on fake news from social media: China’s internet regulator will launch a crackdown on the reporting of news gathered from social media, as part of what the government calls a campaign against fake news and the spreading of rumors.

Israel calls Facebook a ‘monster’ for not helping to curb violence: Israel has accused Facebook of not doing enough to curb online content that incites violence against the state, with Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan describing the social network as a “monster” during a television interview on Saturday.

Apple releases 4 new emoji sticker packs for iOS 10 beta users: Apple recently revealed that its upcoming iOS 10 update holds some good news for emoji lovers: The iPhone’s pictograph palette will soon be more extensive than ever.