Samsung Ultra Max It Up Facebook Fail

An article that describes why Samsung Ultra Max It Up is a Facebook Fail app on Facebook.

Do you fancy the new Samsung Notebook Series 5 Ultra? Then here’s your chance to play the ‘Max it Up’ and win one!  Visit the Facebook page and click on the Samsung Ultra ‘Max it Up’ tab and get started. You could also listen to the cool music video launched especially for the Samsung Notebook Series 5 Ultra or download it for free.

[youtube PH6eFmZyKSg 500 300]

It’s easy to play ‘Max it Up’. Click join event to enter the contest. Invite your Facebook friends and store all your favorite movies, music, books, etc. on your Facebook profile. You get 50 points for every friend who accepts your invitation and 10 points for every favorite. And the guy with the maximum points wins a Samsung Notebook Series 5 Ultra every season. This season is from March 15 to April 3, so hurry up! But then there are two more seasons too – April 4 to April 23 and April 24 to May 15! Don’t give a miss to the Terms & Conditions before you participate.

Samsung Ultra Max it Up Facebook app

Now here is where the drama begins. When you click on join event, most of the time nothing happens and then you get an error message about a Shockwave Player crash in Google Chrome. I got similar error messages in Safari, Firefox as well as IE. Finally, I’ve had a breakthrough today and played some ‘Max it Up’. Added some favorites and also invited my friends. The app was kind enough to show me what it would send to my friends. All in all, the app is well designed and follows Facebook app guidelines, though I was at my wit’s end trying to sort out this app since many days now. This seems to be reflected in the comments too, so I know I’m not the only one. Here is a screenshot of a frustrated fan:

Samsung_Ultra_Facebook_app comment

Although, Samsung has come up with a wonderful concept, the app has not been tested for load. It is really sad when you intend to launch your High Performance notebook, by promoting it through a non-performing app. Despite the music video and the idea of spreading the word amongst your friends and the gamification by way of winning points for every activity, the app fails severely. One can sense it in the comments section; most of them have ‘unliked’ the page and moved on.

I’m surprised that in an age when brands are tempting you, bribing you, and sometimes even commanding you to ‘like’ them, Samsung is one brand that does not seem to care. The app is finishing season 1 tomorrow, so it did have time to rectify the errors, but it chose not to. There is no response from the page admin too. Essentially, this is the worst a brand can do to tarnish its image and social media carries this image far and wide. Hopefully, someone at Samsung wakes up soon and we have a working app for the subsequent seasons.