Samsung India Captures Your Timeless Memories Through Facebook

A look at Samsung India's 'Timeless Memories' Facebook campaign that allow fans to create a personalised video from their timeline photos, in a bid to promote the new range of refrigerators


New products and social media buzz go hand in hand nowadays. Every time a company has something new to offer to its consumers, we are witnessing more social media being weaved into the entire marketing mix. This year, consumer durables major Samsung India introduced its latest range of refrigerators with the digital inverter compressor series, having a 10-year warranty. The ad released for the refrigerator emphasises on this pretty well - a stop motion video where life is shown moving ahead  but being captured at various stages on the refrigerator door in the form of fridge magnets, notes, photographs, etc.

The brand has now extended this onto a month-long Facebook campaign, where fans can create a personalized video using Samsung Timeless Memories Facebook app. The app pulls up pictures from your Facebook timeline and lets you create a personalised story with them. Share it with your friends to get exciting prizes!

Samsung India Timeless Memories

The app works even without liking the page but the contest rules state you need to like the app. The home page welcomes you with the Samsung refrigerator placed at one side of a kitchen. You can play the latest commercial that is featured an a note pinned onto the refrigerator door. The other tabs help you get started with the app.


Get started‘ takes the required app permissions to access your friends’ list, etc. The app will then create a video with 20 random photos from your Facebook timeline. The video resembles the commercial but the photos are taken from your timeline!

You can edit it or share it with your friends. The app displays the list of friends tagged in your video and all the photos that were selected. You can deselect and select other pictures for the video. Save all changes once you are done; the app will recreate a video with the newly selected pictures.

Contest Rules and Contest Winners, as the names suggest, give you more information on the contest and the contest winners. However, rules need to be more in detail and winners have not been announced yet. The rules state that each week there will be 3 winners who will be selected on the basis of maximum sharing the video, but its the end of the campaign and no winners feature in the tab!

Explore our product range‘ takes you to the Samsung website link for the new range of refrigerators.

Additionally, you can share or invite your friends to the app too.

How cool is it?

Getting fans to relive their memories through a personalised video is no doubt cool. In fact, the commercial seems to have been made keeping Facebook in mind.  With the network’s ability to connect with our lives, our family and friends, it has a storehouse of personal memories and the ‘Timeless Memories’ captures this really well. A cool concept to engage with a 3.4 million strong Facebook community and build a sense of ‘belongingness’ in them.

Neatly designed, the app also works smoothly and hopes to gain more visibility through Facebook sharing. However, not having a gallery with each participant’s votes and the ‘coming soon’ winners list, makes you suspicious on the judgement process. How is anybody to know who has garnered the maximum votes? Also, it would be nice if the exciting prizes could be revealed.

The concept connects well with the community, despite being overdone by many brands on Facebook. However, the contest created around the concept leaves room for concern. Do give it a try and let me know what you think?