Samsung Impresses With Shot Story

A review of Shot Story social media campaign being organized by Samsung Mobile India in association with Discovery Channel India


A = I love stories.

B = I love pictures.

A + B = Samsung Galaxy Shot Story Campaign.

I have never been good at maths (except the one time I got 99/100 in my seventh standard), but am pretty sure I got the above “equation” right.

For all the photo-crazy people out there, Samsung Galaxy Camera in association with The Discovery Channel has come out with a meaningful and fun campaign – Shot Story.

Samsung Shot Story Facebook contest

The campaign’s second tagline says it all – “A picture says a thousand words and you have 3 to tell your story”. Upload 3 photos that tell a story about your home, your city, your life or anything you wish. Give a caption to each and, Voila! You’re done.  As easy as that!

The campaign

Would have to agree the concept of the campaign is perfect. How else do you market and spread awareness about a new camera other than talking in the language of pictures? Rather than restricting it to a simple “take-a-pic-post-the-pic-like-the-pic” contest, they have done well and brought in the part of story-telling. That in itself would make the audience spend some time over it rather than just uploading some random Photoshop edited photo. It’s not just quantity of content here. The audience themselves would be compelled to put in some quality content.

The contest is being promoted on social media specially on Facebook and it is being done by both the brands Samsung and Discovery. Both the brands are updating fans about the contest on their Facebook page by providing the micro site link where the contest is being held.

Like we usually see with campaigns, Samsung hasn’t gone with a Facebook Tab on this one. Instead they have a mini-website for the same. And I don’t think anyone would even notice the change. The design of the home page is itself pretty eye-catching and since the tagline of the contest is self-explanatory, there isn’t much head turning to be done to understand what the contest is about.

They haven’t overdone the design with too much of flashy stuffs and throughout the site, it remains simple and pleasing to the eye.

After the home-page, the second page explains the instructions and details about selection of winners and prize in just 5-6 lines. That is something I really applaud. It’s not everywhere you get all the necessary details in so short  a content. Even in the T&C page, they have explained and cleared all aspects of the guidelines. From a layman’s point of view and also from a reviewer’s point of view, there’s nothing more you could ask for.

The prize

This I would say has to be another well-to-do highlight of the campaign. The after-winner-declared portion to be specific. They won’t just be restricting the contest with awarding 3 winners with Samsung Galaxy Cameras. These 3 winners will be teamed up with 3 professional photographers to shoot a theme-based story through the Galaxy Camera. One of them would be lucky enough to get featured on Discovery Channel!

In this sense you could say there will be something more to look forward to after the three winners are decided. A long term campaign one could say. How the 3 individuals work with professional photographers, what they come up with and all… Remains to be seen how good it’ll be.

Ending thoughts

It’s just one of those simple, well conceived, well executed campaigns which catches the eye of the audience. When you think more about it, there ain’t any rocket science behind the concept of the campaign. But mostly that’s what brands forget. You don’t need to have a rocket-science campaign to impress the public. Sometimes its good to be simple and sweet.

However, organizing a contest on a micro-site would be a challenge without having an app on Facebook that would drive fans to the micro-site. In such case the page admins would have to constantly remind fans of the contest without being a spam. But that also becomes tough for a brand like Samsung Mobile that is running more than one contest on social media for fans.

Nevertheless, personally really look forward to the second portion of the campaign i.e. the part where a theme based story will be shot using the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Hope it adds a cherry on top to the whole cake.