Samsung Invites Your Galaxy Note Stories Via #DoYouNote

For the Galaxy Note 4 promotions, Samsung has launched a series of stories that feature the creative use of the phone, and also invited users to share their Not stories

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was announced in early September, speculations have been making the rounds on its release date. A replacement to the mobile phone maker’s flagship, the Galaxy Note 3 and also a competitor to Apple’s iPhone 6, the Galaxy Note 4 has been creating buzz with its features and inviting Note owners to share their stories for a chance to launch the all new Note 4. The phone is set to release in this week and the next all over the globe amongst all the exciting things you can do with it.

The Galaxy Note 4 is sure impressive with a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, a 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization, a 3.7 MP rear camera with a wide selfie mode, a new S Pen stylus, Android 4.4.4 KitKat and much more. The brand has been highlighting its features through short stories in its ad films.

The first ad film called ‘The Note Family’ launched a week ago features how a father and son use their Note to send an adorable apology message to the mother and win her heart.

The other story revolves around a boy making creative use of the Note 4 to propose to a girl, he otherwise did not know how to approach. A third film portrays a fashion designer using her Note 4 to gather inspiration from nature and objects around her, to create her individual style. All ad films showcase the all new exciting features of the phone and how it can empower the way we live and work.

The videos invite the viewer to share their Note story for a chance to launch the new Note 4. Samsung has also created a page to showcase all Note stories on its official website. The page features Note stories submitted by users  in the form of pictures, doodles, videos and text stories. One an also share their own story and share it with the world, after registering at the site.

The company’s social media pages have been sharing these videos while inviting #DoYouNote stories from users. The Samsung Mobile India Facebook page with over 11.9 million fans has joined its Twitter page to create the buzz.

Sharing stories, not commercials

The Galaxy Note 4 might be replacing the Note 3, but it has managed to create shareable stories and some new excitement for existing Note users and interested buyers. Samsung has been collating Note stories from its users, and the tradition carries on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The ad films smartly showcase the phone’s features using storytelling that one can relate to, as opposed to running a regular commercial for a high end smartphone.

A chance to feature in the Note 4 ad film or the opportunity to launch it, seems like a good incentive to have people share their Note stories. The brand has ensured decent social media buzz prior to the launch and hopefully will carry this forward with the Galaxy Note Edge.