Qyuki Is Now A Creative Brand Working With Creators To Grow Their Fan Base, Says Co-Founder Samir Bangara [Video]

Interview with Samir Bangara Co-Founder and MD at Qyuki, a creative brand helping creative people from film and music to grow their fan base


“The past Qyuki was a social network for creators and it was a destination. Qyuki today at its core is supporting a creative network but what you see above the ground is different. We are no more a destination, we are now a creative brand and not a consumer brand. Qyuki now connects with creators and then we help them to grow their audiences on multiple online platforms,” informed Samir Bangara, MD and Co-Founder at Qyuki to Lighthouse Insights in a recent conversation.

Qyuki is the brain child of globally known creative legends, Shekhar Kapur and A. R. Rahman. Samir joined Qyuki mid last year as the third co-founder who is now steering the ship.

Samir is well known in the Indian digital industry due to his previous stint as COO at Indiagames that got acquired by Disney UTV. He had served at Disney UTV for less than a year as MD, Digital. Later mid 2013 he joined Qyuki and gave the creative network a new outlook.

In fact there were stories that Qyuki was going no where and had to shut down. Samir shared that it wasn’t a shut down but a re-boot for Qyuki; today it is helping content creators from film and music to build their audiences. “Creators want to focus around creating content, so we are the answer to problems such as organizing a studio, sound, lights, distribution of content and the business part too. So these are the gaps we plugin making the life easy for the creative people.”

In the first part of the conversation, Samir talks about his idea of joining Qyuki and how the network has moved away from being a destination to a creative brand. Moving on he shares what Qyuki has to offer to the creative people from film and music.

Click on the video to watch and listen to Samir Bangara: