Samir Bangara On The Qyuki-Universal Music Deal And Why It Is Still An Invite Only Network [Video]

Samir Bangara Co-Founder at Qyuki talks about the Universal Music deal in this video, how it is going to help creators and why Qyuki is still an invite only network


“Today most creators tend to sing cover tracks to gain popularity. When they sing such cover tracks they can’t make a cent out of it because they don’t have the license to do so. Hence they can’t monetize it. With our strategic deal with Universal Music, we have brought in 30-40K tracks across Hindi, Regional and English which any user in the Qyuki network can pick up, sing and now they can monetize their talent,” informed Samir Bangara, MD and Co-Founder at Qyuki in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Samir was explaining the importance of the Universal deal which he says is a tri-party strategic deal. “In this deal there is Universal Publishing which owns the underlying rights to the lyrics and compositions, there is Universal Music Group that has the rights to the final product and then there is Qyuki. So it is a tri-party agreement for the benefit of users in the Qyuki network.”

In the first part of this video conversation Samir discussed about his idea of joining Qyuki and how the network has moved away from being a destination to a creative brand. Today Qyuki is helping content creators from film and music to build their audiences. Moving on he shares what Qyuki has to offer to the creative folks from film and music.

In the second part of this video conversation, Samir talks about how the strategic alliance is going to help the creative users of Qyuki and why it is still an invite-based network.