Sameer Pitalwalla Talks About SponsoredTweets And IZEA Collaboration

by Prasant on August 30, 2021


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Get Paid For Tweets

One forty characters can make you earn money so make your tweets count. No we are not joking and UTV interactive, the digital arm of UTV’s new move can earn you money while you tweet. UTV Interactive has tied hands with IZEA, a leading international company in social media sponsorship to bring SponsoredTweets, the advertising platform of Twitter to India for the very first time. This collaboration will mean UTV monetizing celebrity twitter accounts as well as regular users by allowing to place sponsored ads as tweets on the Twitter timeline.

IZEA which is a world leader in social media sponsorship has completed over 2,000,000 social media sponsorships. IZEA’s has the likes of Kim Karadashian, Lindsay Lohan, etc. and this new move has already seen some great Bollywood celebrities jumping in as Lara Dutta, Neetu Chandra, Mahesh Bhupati, etc.

We found the concept exciting to be introduced for Indian twitteraties and we did a small email interview with Sameer Pitalwalla, Sr.Vice President, UTV Interactive.

Sameer, UTV Interactive tying up with IZEA, to bring sponsored ads to India on Twitter sounds exciting. Can you talk a bit more on this.

UTV Interactive, the digital arm of UTV, has exclusively associated with IZEA, a leading company in social media sponsorships to bring –, the advertising platform on twitter to India for the very first time. The company will be monetizing celebrity twitter accounts as well as regular twitter users by allowing them to place sponsored ads inside their twitter stream. All sponsored tweets are disclosed by the twitterer compulsorily to ensure users don’t mistake them for regular content, each SponsoredTweet must meet with the ethics and guidelines set  by UTV | IZEA.

So is it Bollywood celebrities to start with or are you going to look into the whole influential Indian people on Twitter?

It includes all influential people on twitter, including but not limited to celebrities.

But don’t you think this is going to mess up the whole relationship with fans when Celebs will only be tweeting endorsements.

Celebs only tweet out endorsements that they approve. Secondly, all ads are unequivocally declared as ADS, and hence users have a clear way of differentiating between ads and normal content. Moreover, sponsored tweets don’t get sent out with the same frequency as normal content, this ensures content + ads are balanced out appropriately.

Sameer Pitalwalla

It’s been great so far, the response is always great when you launch.

With Promoted Tweets out there for Indian business and now Sponsored Tweets do you think one forty characters are becoming exciting.

SponsoredTweets actually excels at delivering audiences when compared to Promoted Tweets. Promoted Tweets don’t allow you to target twitterers based on interest, something that would be of prime importance to anyone advertising on social media. With SponsoredTweets, the advertiser can not only choose the region he wants to limit his ad to, but also the kind of users interests, including limiting it to categories such as music, tech, movies, entertainment, business, finance, automobiles, and such. It allows you to place your communication in the actual conversation, as opposed to giving you adjunct space near a trending topic list.

Interesting! Sameer any other key development to look forth by UTV Interactive as this new development is not only going to spice up Twitter but the entire Indian social media business.

We are aggressively signing on celebrities and will soon begin reaching out to regular twitter users to come onboard and sign up. One great feature of this platform is the ability for any regular user to monetize their twitter stream and it allows anyone with influent / clout to gain an audience to now monetize that same audience with incredibly little effort.

Thanks Sameer! We believe that you and your team at UTV Interactive have given Indians more reasons to stay on Twitter.


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