What’s The News: @pitrodasam Will Hold Global Press Meet On Twitter Today And More

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News Headlines

pitrodasam1. Sam Pitroda to hold first global press meet on Twitter Today: Sam Pitroda, will hold the first-ever global press conference today on Twitter to discuss global innovation. Pitroda will host the conference from his Twitter handle @pitrodasam and the conference is scheduled to start at 1900 hours (IST) and will go on for 1.5 hours. Read more here.

2. Man finds stolen car in 12 hours, thanks to social networking: When all hopes were given up by a Mumbai based model for his stolen Pajero, social networking (BBM) comes to rescue and provides lead. Read more here.

3. Intel: Passion + Processor = Wonderful: Intel has rolled out a new campaign that urges consumers to do something amazing, using their PC with Intel inside it. The brand’s new tagline is ‘Go Do Something Wonderful’. It has also started a social media campaign. Read more here.

4. Fox Traveller turns one, reiterates ‘this journey is fun’: Travel and lifestyle channel Fox Traveller has completed one year after it dropped ‘History’ from its original name. To mark this event, the brand has made sure to thank all it’s Facebook fans. Read more here.

5. Omkar Realtors releases corporate campaign, presents Mumbaipedia: Omkar Realtors along with Law & Kenneth has released a corporate campaign to build awareness around the brand’s proposition of keeping holistic development of Mumbai at its heart. The brand has launched a Facebook page too. Read more here.