Salman Khan’s Being Human, CNN-IBN, Thums Up & AIF Launch Campaign Veer To Enable The Disabled In India

by Vinaya Naidu on January 31, 2022

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Campaign Veer

Actor Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation has teamed up with CNN-IBN, beverage brand Thums Up, and American India Foundation (AIF) to launch ‘Campaign Veer – Unleashing the Inner Potential of Persons with Disabilities. The cause campaign was launched at a special screening of his latest release, Jai Ho.

Campaign Veer aims to provide inclusive education and employment, skill training and development, and advocating for disabled-friendly technology for PwDs (persons with disabilities). In the first phase of the two-month-long campaign, Veer aims to collect funds to train and economically empower at least 1,000 PwDs. As it takes Rs. 7500 to provide skill based training to one person with disability, the funds needed amount to Rs. 75 Lakhs.

The promotions for Campaign Veer are also leveraging digital in addition to television and other media. Awareness and action are being spread through a series of episodes on CNN-IBN in conjunction with digital. A dedicated website ‘The Veer‘  gives all the information and a way to support the cause, and is being well supported through social presences on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The website features videos by prominent people who are in support of Veer, in addition to the ‘contribute now’ button and a ‘Take Action’ tab, both of which drive the viewer to take immediate action. Contribute now enables one to make an online donation. A Veer mobile app is in coming soon mode on the site. One can watch the episodes on YouTube channel too.

Along with sharing facts about disability in India, the site features ‘Success Stories’ where persons with disabilities share their courageous stories of self belief and success, despite environmental and attitudinal barriers.

Support Veer on social

The SupportVeer Facebook page with over 700 fans, has been sharing cool visuals on these success stories. As given in the site, one can stand a chance to win fabulous prizes by sharing the initiative with their friends and family, through a Facebook app. However, such an app is not yet in place. Apparently, the Facebook app along with the Veer mobile app are yet to make their presence. Using the Veer mobile app, one can start sharing photos of Veers they see around.

Post by Veer.

The Support Veer Twitter handle is occupied in creating awareness in interesting ways. The page has been hosting quiz contests with Veer goodies to be won. While some contests are around identifying famous disabled persons through their photographs, some others give descriptive clues for identification.

Maximizing reach with social

Campaign Veer has already seen wonderful support from celebrities like Rahul Bose, Shabana Azmi, Deepika Padukone among others, who are promoting and spreading the cause through their personal social presence. The initiative has seen a good push through Salman Khan’s 13 million fans on Facebook and another 6 million on Twitter. To add to this, the common man has also been enabled along with TV channel CNN-IBN and big brands like Thums Up and Being Human, all with the help of social media.

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