Salman Khan Is Looking For His Biggest Fan To Manage His Google Plus Page

Salman Khan joins Google Plus and his now looking for his biggest fan to manage his page.

Bollywood jumping onto social media channels is an old story. Most of the biggest stars are out there on the popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The fan following has been encouraging too. The most bankable star in Bollywood, Salman Khan has also created a massive presence on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, he is also lending his social media presence to Coca Cola to run its forthcoming exclusive summer campaigns for its top brand Thums Up.

And to take his social presence further, he has also joined Google Plus. Not only that he is also looking for his biggest fan on Google Plus. The cool thing is that the biggest fan will also become the manager of his Google Plus fan page. Now isn’t that the coolest gift for die hard fans of Salman Khan?

If you are wondering what you would be required to do to win this opportunity, then show your love for Salman on the fan page. “Are You The Most Dabangg Salman Khan Fan” is the contest that is asking fans to create content, post images, upload cool videos, engage in the forum  and show the madness for the super star of Bollywood. The contest has a recorded message from the star himself, who would then be selecting the winner from the forum.

The page has already garnered a community of more than 139K fans. On the launch, the star also did a Google Hangout with the press. The video that was uploaded on the page, saw Salman sharing some interesting details from his personal life and his love for social networks.

It is Google’s constant effort to get celebrities from the Bollywood world to increase the traction for their social network. The reason for getting Salman on the platform is also the same and seeing the fan following of Salman the social network might see some spikes. Salman, eventually, also plans to open a community on Google Plus for his Being Human initiative, like the one on Facebook and Twitter.

For all you Salman fans out there, this is a great chance to show your love to the star, and who knows you might hang out with the star as he says at the end of the video!