Facebook Launches Online Creative Hub, Salesforce Also Made A Bid For LinkedIn

World social media news - To help marketers keep ads coming, Facebook is now introducing Creative Hub, an online platform for agencies, brands, Salesforce was also a serious bidder for LinkedIn says Marc Benioff, and more

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Samsung To Acquire Canadian DSP And Ad Server AdGear: Looks like Samsung has joined the TV race for ad tech. The electronics manufacturer has confirmed its acquisition of AdGear, a Canadian demand-side platform and ad server with roots in agency-serving tools.

Twitter adds live video button for iOS & Android & says Periscope embeds are on the way: Twitter is pushing its live video this week, rolling out a new live video button on iOS and Android phones, in addition to confirming that a Periscope embed feature will be available in the coming weeks.

Video might be the future, but text is the present for digital news: Publishers are stampeding into video, lured by the hope that audiences and ad dollars will follow. But not only is video expensive and hard to do, a lot of people still prefer to get their news in text. The Reuters Institute’s 2016 Digital News Report found that across its sample of 26 countries, 78 percent of people said they mostly rely on text for their news.

Kiosked launches wrapper so any 360-degree video/still can fit into any mobile IAB ad format: Kiosked, a Helsinki-based company with offices in LA and elsewhere, makes its living primarily by optimizing where ads go on a publisher’s desktop and mobile web sites. Its real-time technology analyzes user attention on different parts of a page, as well as other factors like the page’s content, and recommends the optimal ad size, type and placement to publishers’ ad platforms, which have set up parameters.

Politico is hacking Apple Wallet for news push notifications: In Europe, Politico has bypassed apps and taken another tack entirely: Apple Wallet, which has come pre-installed on iPhones since 2012, and works as a one-stop-shop to store digital coupons from brands or travel documents.

Facebook Launches Online Creative Hub in Bid to Simplify Creation of Ads: To help marketers keep ads coming, not to mention make the shift to mobile advertising, the company is now introducing Creative Hub, an online platform for agencies, brands and anyone involved in the creation of ads on Facebook, really, to share, review, test and create ads on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram. Facebook is billing it as an online space meant to foster collaboration.

Snapchat’s API Makes It Easier For Advertisers To Test, And Now They Need To See Results: Agency buyers believe Snapchat’s partner program, which allows third parties to buy inventory, will help the messaging service migrate from a bespoke buy to a more central part of a media plan.

The global state of ad blocking, in four charts: The 2016 Reuters Digital News report, which surveyed more than 50,000 online news consumers across 26 countries, shows ad blocking is most common among those who get news online and under 35s, the research showed. Smartphone users aren’t huge on ad blocking yet, with only 8 percent admitting they use it, however a third of interviewees said they plan to use an ad blocker in the next year.

Intel becomes the first brand to publish on Facebook’s Instant Articles: The distinction between marketers and publishers is getting increasingly blurred. Facebook, which created Instant Articles a year ago to make publishers’ articles load faster, is now giving that tool to brands. Intel is the first to take advantage, posting content from its digital tech-focused publication, iQ, as Instant Articles starting last week.

Snapchat is starting Real Life, an online magazine about technology: In a blog post describing the new initiative today, Snapchat employee and social media critic Nathan Jurgenson writes that “Snapchat is now funding Real Life.” In an email to VentureBeat he declined to elaborate on the nature of the funding but he did confirm that Real Life is “owned” by Snapchat.

Salesforce also made a bid for LinkedIn, CEO Benioff confirms: Salesforce was also a serious bidder for LinkedIn, the business networking site that sold to Microsoft for $26 billion this week, said CEO Marc Benioff.