Rupa Frontline Fails To Amplify The Latest Ranveer Singh TVC On Social Media

Rupa Frontline's new TVC starring Ranveer Singh is being promoted by the actor himself via his social media clout. The innerwear brand is too busy with IPL8 updates

Ranveer Singh is at it again. The actor recently pledged his eccentric charm to innerwear brand, Rupa Frontline. The brand, which is known for its use of celebrities to endorse its line of innerwear with the tagline ‘Yeh aaram ka mamla hai’ has roped the vivacious Ranveer for its new TVC rollout which is more like a rap song at a beach.

The TVC created by Scarecrow Communications sees him in his quintessential fun avatar, rapping away as ‘Raja Baba’, impressing girls with his dance moves and shark punches, while also making a dramatic fielding for a bunch of guys playing cricket. There’s an almost magical scene in which he builds a mini sand Taj Mahal. Can’t make out much of the rap but the tagline can be heard throughout and phrases like ‘banian man’, ‘frontline man’ and more.

The film has been directed by Karan Kapadia with the very idea to capture the irreverence of Ranveer, a quality most liked by his fans and which worked wonders for his earlier ad films – ‘Do the Rex’ for Durex and ‘My name is Ranveer Ching for Ching’s Secret.


Uploaded last week, the minute-long video has earned 91K views till date. The company press release states television will be leading its marketing mediums with outdoor and digital as support media. The Rupa Knitwear Facebook and Twitter pages are only busy with the IPL 8. Apparently, all digital promotions related to Ranveer’s new TVC for Rupa are being handled by Ranveer himself.

Ranveer’s massive social media clout has been leveraged to spread the word. The Ranveer Singh Official Facebook page with 2.9 million fans and Ranveer Official, his personal Twitter handle with more than 1.5 million followers, has two updates related to the video. Both of which have garnered a decent number of retweets and shares on Twitter. The post updates on his Facebook page have fetched more than 30K likes!

Social presence for what?

Rupa Frontline seems to have no digital marketing plan for the new TVC, let alone any use of digital for support. Right now, the social media properties of Rupa are engrossed in cricket fever; the Twitter page posts ‘Happy Weekend’, ‘Happy Earth Day’, in between congratulating the IPL teams who have won their matches, and informing that new photos have been uploaded on Facebook.

Which means Rupa’s Twitter followers are mute spectators who need to keep switching to Rupa’s Facebook page to see new photos by the brand. Additionally, the Rupa Facebook page is a blur of IPL visuals. Only Ranveer is sharing the new Rupa ad with his combined follower base of 4.5 million.

Even if the brand has leveraged the social media influence of Ranveer Singh, updates about the Rupa Frontline ad have been lost within the heaps of content that the actor is posting for his upcoming movie, Dil Dhadakne Do. Fans are more interested in his Bollywood updates than his product ad updates!

Durex (#DoTheRex Casestudy) and Ching’s Secret also leveraged the popularity of the star and tried amplifying their Ranveer Singh-starring campaigns through their own social media platforms. They did not rely on his large fan base on social media alone. Visibility and social buzz for this new Rupa TVC could be further boosted if the brand spares some thought and space on its social media pages. Rupa has missed out on an opportunity to engage its consumers via digital.