Royale Play Celebrating 1Lakh Thank Yous On Facebook

A review of Royale Play Celebrating 1Lakh Thank Yous On its Facebook page by running the top fan contest

Recently, I came across a Facebook ad by Royale Play and clicked on it at once. It tempted me to be the Top Fan in return for an exciting gift voucher.  I love the Royale Play ads on TV starring Saif Ali Khan, so here was my golden chance to win something  from them. For those of who are not aware of Royale Play, it is a collection of innovative and ready to use special effect finishes for your interior walls from Asian Paints.

Royale Play Celebrating 1lakh Thank You's

So I wondered if it is just another ‘like’ campaign with cheap prizes or is there more value to it. When I clicked on the ad, I realized that the ‘Be Our Top Fan’ contest was a part of the thank you celebrations by Royale Play. In case you are thinking what are thank you celebrations, I have named it such, as a lot of brands have ‘thank you’ celebrations on reaching a particular number of Fans. Royal Play is celebrating its achievement of one lakh fans.

So if you want to be the Top Fan, you have to follow these simple steps: ‘Like’ the Royale Play Facebook page and contribute through posts, comments and likes. And based on the quality of your participation, you will receive points. If your poinst are the highest, you become the Top Fan. This has been made possible by Booshaka, a tool that identifies the most passionate people and communities on Facebook. But do make sure to read up the Terms & Conditions page before you participate for the Top Fan contest.

Royale Play Top Fans list by Booshaka

My thoughts:

Although, this is not a unique concept nor is the tool any different, the noteworthy thing is catching two fish with a single line. You are not only getting new fans but also getting them to talk about the brand. Most brands use Booshaka to identify their Top Fans from time to time, and reward them. But what I found smart here is the heavy engagement driven by the brand. Almost all the posts have a bunch of comments and likes apart from shares. But on the flipside, most of the comments are lame and have nothing to do with what has been posted. So how exactly will the quality of participation be measured by Booshaka?

Apart from that, some may debate that this is a ‘like’ campaign but fan counts do matter if you want to drive engagement or run contests or just do some Facebook word of mouth marketing with the help of your fans. So it is good to have meaningful ‘like’ campaigns.

I guess running a ‘Top Fan’ contest from time to time whenever the Facebook page shows a dip in engagement levels, is a good thing. However, the brand has to choose its incentives for doing so very carefully. What kind of a community are you trying to build and what do you have to offer to them? Getting the five figure or six figure mark on fan count is no more a challenging job for brands on Facebook. However the thought process for brands now should be about finding real numbers such as how many people are not only talking about the brand but also talking related to the content.  The idea should be creating a meaningful community rather than creating a crowd.