Royal Stag Large Short Films Says #KeepPerfecting In New Campaign

Large Short films, a digital platform for short films in India, has launched a film to inspire young directors to be original, here we look at the social media buzz

Royal stag keep perfecting

The idea of short films is catching on in the digital world. Large Short Films, one of the most unique digital platforms for short films in India, is all set to encourage young, aspiring directors in its new campaign – #KeepPerfecting.

Curated by Royal Stag, the platform caters to both filmmakers and film-lovers with short films that can be easily watched over mobile phones. It remains the ultimate destination for aspiring directors to convey their message through this short format, especially with the addition of renowned filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and Sudhir Mishra whose shorts have achieved high visibility on digital.

Anurag Kashyap’s first short film ‘That Day After Everyday’ under the banner of Royal Stag Large Short Films has crossed over 4M views at the platform’s YouTube channel.

To continue to remain the ultimate destination for quality short films, the platform has launched #KeepPerfecting, a series of digital films that inspire young directors to be original. Conceptualized by River India, an independent creative agency that handles the digital advertising for Royal Stag and produced by Nomad Films India, the first campaign film in the series is called ‘A perfect break-up’ that shows a familiar break-up scenario.

Through the perfect break-up scene, the film tries to convey directors to ‘Keep Perfecting’ their art as only the most original short films make it large. Told in a quirky way, the film captures the little nuances towards perfect film making.

The ad film is being promoted on the platform’s social media channels too. The Facebook and Twitter pages of Large Short films have been sharing the ad with related contest around the #KeepPerfecting. Fans have been invited to share their own versions of break-up for a chance to win a DVD set of classic movies on romance.

Connecting with the TG

With more avenues available for film distribution in this digital and mobile age, short films have taken off like never before. On the other hand, the short film making format is quickly being adapted by creative content platforms, which further add to the competition. The latest digital campaign serves to create awareness on the philosophy behind perfect short films; it urges film makers to explore beyond clichés towards authenticity and perfection –  a quality Large Short films wants to convey through this film. Moreover, it also fits well with Royal Stag’s brand philosophy – It’s your life. Make it large.

Apart from appealing to aspiring directors and film buffs with its quirky storytelling, the ad film further strengthens the platform’s position as the ultimate destination for quality short films. Which director wouldn’t aspire to be showcased under the banner of Royal Stag Large Short Films? The hashtag #KeepPerfecting will add to trigger conversations on social media, while the DVD sets help pull movie buffs.

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