Rotary Celebrates A Polio-free India With Animated Film

Rotary International partners with JWT India to celebrate a polio-free India with an animated campaign – Making miracles happen, when we join hands

Rotary polio free india ad

Rotary polio free india ad

India achieved one of its biggest public health successes when the World Health Organization (WHO) certified the country as polio-free on March 27, 2014. From being one of the top three countries reporting polio, there hasn’t been a single polio case in the country for the last three years. India and ten other countries from WHO’s Southeast Asia region have been given the certification, which means that 80 per cent of the world’s population now lives in certified polio-free regions.

Being declared a polio-free nation for the second most populous country in the world demands a celebration by the people behind this relentless pursuit. Rotary International, the volunteer based organization decided to celebrate the milestone with a befitting campaign – Making miracles happen, by partnering with JWT India.

‘Making miracles happen’ has an animated film at its centre, with an interesting premise. Set on the two palms of a hand, a little boy is seen struggling to break himself free from the lines that bind his feet to the ground i.e. the lines on the palm. He gives up after a long fight, just then a football bangs on his head and bounces off to the other palm. As the boy starts to free himself once again and find a way to get to the football, the other palm aligns with this one forming a bridge.

The boy breaks free and is seen jumping along the lines, while the palms join to bring forth the message, “When we join hands, miracles happen”. The voice over has been provided by actor Amitabh Bachchan, UNICEF and Rotary’s brand ambassador for polio.

Connecting through social

Apart from traditional promotional mediums, the short film is also being shared on social media. The Twitter page of Rotary as well as its Facebook page has been actively spreading the message, while leveraging the opportunity to talk about Rotary’s efforts behind the achievement and how working together can help achieve a polio-free world. The newly created pages, especially the Twitter handle of Rotary has been retweeting the tweets of brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan as well as those of ‘End Polio now’ Rotary’s official presence of its campaign against polio eradication.

The actor Amitabh Bachchan has shared quite a few tweets about the milestone achievement with his more than 8.33 million followers.

As Indians we strongly believe in fate, and don’t think that fate can be changed for anybody. The eradication of polio in the country seeks to send out the message that fate can be bettered when everyone joins hands. This has been captured beautifully in the simple animation of the little boy, proving that a miracle is possible. Coupled with the efforts on social media and television, the campaign has ensured a wider reach.

In addition to using the social media platforms for celebrating a polio-free India, Rotary has built a showcase for its ongoing efforts in other areas of community service, thereby attracting like-minded volunteers to the Rotary Club.