How Skarma’s #RomedyTrail India’s Tastiest Social Media Driven Race For Romedy Now Generated Over 46M Impressions

Case study by Skarma for Romedy Now, in which the agency hosted a multi-city digitally driven race that blended travel, food and social media, the core elements of Chef - the movie being promoted


The Client

Romedy NOW is the No. 1 English General Entertainment Channel, showcasing the most romantic movies & happiest series! Catering to the urban affluent audiences, The Happiest Place on TV offers an experience which is optimistic, uplifting and leaves you wanting for more! #lovelaughlive.

The Agency

Skarma is a growing Mumbai-based creative agency founded in 2010 committed to providing the spark to their clients ideas and connecting brands with their customers and networks. Skarma believes that creativity is essential to the evolution of an idea and adapts an approach to derive the most holistic strategy possible.

Problem Statement

Raising awareness for the movie ‘Chef’ airing in India for the first time on Romedy NOW and engaging people on our social channels.

Identified Objective

Drive engagement and build buzz for ‘Chef’ through a digitally driven on-ground activity for 360 degree impact.


The strategy of #romedytrail was a multi-city race that unites travel, food and social media which are the core elements of the movie Chef. The trail was held in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore with 10 teams participating from each city.

Each participating team had to perform tasks that were driven through social media. Upon completing the task, the participants would get to eat delicious food at exclusively selected restaurants of the city, complete the trail to win the Romedy trail.


To assist with the trail, Romedy NOW partnered with Uber and WOW Tables. A microsite ( was created which spoke about the activity and allowed users to register for the trail. To drive participation the trail was promoted on Romedy NOW. Social Media was used heavily to drive entries via witty and compelling posts.

Post screening and evaluation, teams of 3 were chosen from each city and announced on social media. Since this is a race, starting locations for each city were disclosed a day before the race. As a buildup towards trail day, posts were shared on social media to encourage and motivate the participants.

romedy trail visuals

On the day of the trail, tweets were sent out from the Romedy handle to the team leaders from the 3 cities asking them to decipher the name of the movie based on the plot of the movie that was shared in 140 characters (#Romedy140). Upon answering correctly, the list of restaurants for each city were shared with the teams.

Upon reaching the restaurant, teams were asked to perform tasks [tweet based, video based and photo based] that were driven by Twitter. Post which, they had to get a certain no. of RTs to be apprised of the dish to be ordered at the restaurant. Teams had to eat at 4 restaurants as a part of the race, post which they would have to reach the pre-defined end point of the trail.

The end location was only revealed to the teams after they had uploaded a collage of all the activities they did during the day and received 50 Retweets on the photo.

romedy trail winners

In order to maintain an even keel for all teams, there was a Leaderboard in place, on the microsite which showed the position of each team from the 3 cities. All tweets had to use the hashtag #RomedyTrail to be eligible to be counted.


  • In less than 3 weeks, #RomedyTrail generated more than 46 million impressions worldwide with @RomedyNOW receiving more than 7218 mentions from 1309 users.
  • Of the 7218 mentions, 5341 were re-tweets, 1298 replies and 579 regular tweets.
  • Each tweet received an engagement rate of at least 50% whereas the overall engagement rate of #RomedyTrail was 3.3%.
  • #RomedyTrail was trending in Mumbai for 4 hours collectively, in Bangalore for 2 hours collectively.
  • @RomedyNow and #RomedyTrail were also trending in India for this activity.


Pre-empting tweets such as the Romedy140 and the other clues beforehand allowed the execution process to be a lot smoother.

Having the restaurant handles converse with the Romedy handle and the participants would have added a more wholesome experience to the entire event.

Due to the immense success of the first edition, the introduction of the concept of #RomedyTrail in a new city every month could help in the creation of an IP for Romedy NOW.