Rohit Raj On Wanting To Become Amitabh As A Kid To Finally Doing A Course In Film Making And Working At Channel V

In this video interview Rohit Raj, Co-Founder at The Glitch talks about his childhood days, graduating in film making from Symbiosis and working at Channel V


“Bollywood had a great influence on me as a kid and I used to enact scenes from Amitabh Bachchan’s movies. The other quality I had was to make other people believe whatever I said. Like I made half of my class believe that Jurassic Park was shot outside my house. At some point my parents told me to stop fibbing around or make a career out of it. I made a career out of it,” shared Rohit Raj.

Rohit is the co-founder and Right Brain of The Glitch - a digital agency based out in Mumbai with one more office located in Delhi. The 150 plus strong agency is the brain child of two very close college friends - Varun Duggirala and Rohit.

Rohit is the creative guy aka the right brain guy. While his childhood was normal, Rohit tells me, over an early morning meeting in his Mumbai office, that he was always a story-teller. His madness to pursue engineering got a setback when he realized that maths and science weren’t his cup of tea. So the right brain guy landed up in Symbiosis, Pune to do a course in advertising.

“I joined as an advertising student with the mindset of making ads but got bored in the first seven months. It was due to the other side of advertising which involved accounts and stats that made me quit the course and I jumped again to join the film making course. I finally graduated in 2007 in film making.”

In the first part of this video conversation, Rohit talks about how the agency has evolved in the last five years, how was growing up like and finally graduating with a degree in film making. He also talks about his days of working at Channel V and the influence of television channels on the work being done at The Glitch. “In my two and half years with Channel V, I learnt that content is the king; what you are putting out is going to make the difference and not the scale which you put in.”