Rohit Raj On Whether Content Co-Creation Is The Big Trend In Digital And The Challenges [Video]

Rohit Raj, Co-Founder at The Glitch talks about the new trend of content co-creation with fans and the associated challenges with such initiatives. He also talks about his favorite campaign "The Cornetto Cupidity Call Centre" done by his agency in H1, 2014


“Content co-creation is definitely the next big thing. There are different people with different talents and if we can bring them together and merge them then definitely we are going to produce quality content,”Rohit Raj shared.

Rohit, co-founder and Right Brain of The Glitch – a digital agency based out in Mumbai with one more office located in Delhi was sharing his thoughts on content co-creation which is now being adopted by many brands.

Citing the example of this year’s Valentine’s Day co-creation campaign “The Cornetto Cupidity Call Centre” which also happens to be his favourite campaign of H1, 2014, Rohit talks about how the campaign was executed with support from the brand and the challenges during execution.

In this extensive video conversation, he talked about how the agency has evolved in the last five years, how was growing up like and finally graduating with a degree in film making. He also talked about his days of working at Channel V and its influence on the work being done at The Glitch today.

In the second part of the video conversation, Rohit shares on how life shaped up after both the co-founders quit their jobs at Channel V and started their own agency. He also talks about the bond he shares with his college buddy and the other co-founder at the agency, Varun Duggirala.

In this third part of the video conversation, Rohit talks about his favourite campaign of H1, 2014 by The Glitch, and shares his thoughts on whether content co-creation is the next big thing and the challenges posed by such campaigns.