Robin Rastogi From Tumbhi Shares Their Social Media Journey

An interview with Robin Rastogi From Tumbhi who Shares Their Social Media Journey

Tumbhi, online platform for talent discovery

Tumbhi is an online portal that gives a global platform to undiscovered artists. I was following Tumbhi on Twitter for quite some time now and came across a tweet calling for entries to a photography contest. Curiosity got the better of me, so I clicked on it and later found a blog at the site. Impressed by the blog, I followed its social media presence on Facebook too. My instinct was right! Now here was a brand that did its homework on Social Media and certainly deserved to share its story with us. Here we bring you an email interview with Robin Rastogi, Head of Operations at Tumbhi, who shares the learnings and insights about their social media journey.

Having built a unique community of creative people, how has the journey been so far? Can you share your learning.

The journey has been very exciting. When we started off, we thought that artists would be mainly interested in opportunities through Bollywood or through media houses. However, over a period, we have come to realize that it’s not always about opportunities. Artists are actually looking for a platform where they can showcase their talent to people at large AND to the experts in the respective fields. And on, we believe they are getting both. Along with this, it is very useful for them to get valuable feedback and guidance from experts. Through our contests, we try to provide them that. For example: For one of our recent poetry contests, Irshad Kamil was one of the judges and he personally reviewed all the entries. His detailed personal letter on why he chose the winners is great learning for all the poets. We have learnt all these things over a period by being part of the life of artists.

You have an active presence on popular social networks, how effective are they in terms of generating traffic for your site? Do you mind sharing the numbers.

Social networks are no doubt very effective for us and yes, we are generating good website traffic through these. Unfortunately we won’t be able to share the exact numbers but I can say that more than 40% traffic to the website is coming from social networks. While this is great, we are also using the social network to connect with the creative people, understand their passion, aspirations, provide them some guidance and share their sentiments. So getting traffic to website is not really our sole objective of being on social networks.

Engagement no doubt is a challenge but what are the other challenges that you have faced on social media?

Fortunately, engagement did not seem to be a problem for us since beginning. I guess engagement is attained once you know your audience well. Yes, not exactly challenges, but there are some other points like the fans tend to use the Facebook page as a platform for technical support or vouch their dissatisfaction about something through negative comments. But those are part of the package. For us, the challenges have been far less than the good things we have been able to achieve through social media.

How resourceful has the blog been to you as compared to Facebook where you have all your ‘likes’ and comments?

Well, we have been very effectively using blog for nurturing the talent of creative people. We are able to use blog to provide them some guidance, share some useful tips with them, give them insights into new things like how they can use social media, etc. So we don’t look at the blog in terms of comment or likes, but more for connecting with our target audience at a more serious level. We plan to enrich our blog by inviting eminent personalities from various fields like photography, writing, etc. to be guest writers on the blog.

What are your thoughts on - should social media be outsourced or taken care of in-house?

Definitely taken care of in-house. Nobody understands your business better than you and we firmly believe in this. So we handle all our social media activities in-house.

Thanks Robin for sharing your story with us! With the kind of social media engagement you practice, it is highly likely that your fans and followers are loyal. Hope your story is picked up as a guide by other aspiring brands on social media. Personally, I have this takeaway from your story - Your brand is your baby!