Reynolds’s Kitchens Lays Out An Endless Dinner Table On Instagram

Reynolds Kitchens and Havas Chicago has created an endless table of themed recipes on Instagram, where each photo links to another Instagram account with recipe pictures


Instagram holds a special place for foodies all over the globe. What’s a bite of good food worth if not a picture on your Instagram feed. Add a stylized filter and you’re no less than a food photographer. The photo sharing network houses some of the most appetizing food pictures even glossy food magazines would envy.

Brands in the food business have been banking on Instagram to tempt our taste buds. And food brands looking to stand out from the clutter are finding creative ways to use the grid layout offered by Instagram. The latest in the brand bandwagon is Reynolds Kitchens, the company that helps keep your food fresh.

The Reynolds Instagram page has laid out a giant dinner table made up of 21 dishes. Each dish links to another Instagram account that lays out all of the individual ingredients in the dish and features a link to the Reynolds website with the recipe.

When you click on a recipe for grilled fruit skewers, you are directed to an Instagram account @grilledfruitskewers with pictures of the making, and a website link with more recipes from the endless table series.

A fun, colorful way to serve fruit at your summer picnic! Grilled Fruit Skewers. Tap to get the recipe @grilledfruitskewers #endlesstable #fruitskewers #dessert #fruitlover #recipe

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Each table is planned around specific themes like back to school, summer, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Just like grandma made them. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. See the recipe step-by-step @classicoatmealraisincookie #endlesstable #backtoschool #oatmealraisin #yummy #cookiemonster

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Chicken wings with a twist. Hoisin Honey Chicken Wings. Tap to get the recipe @hoisinhoneywings #endlesstable #chickenwings #hoisinsauce #fingerlickinggood #recipe

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Executed by Havas Chicago for Reynolds Kitchens, the Instagram page will see eight dinner tables. The Instagram campaign is being promoted with print, online videos and social media posts on Facebook and Pinterest as well.

Twenty-one popular bloggers and Instagrammers like Joy the Baker, April Bloomfield and Beth Kirby have also been hired to back the aluminum foil brand. Next month’s table will include pictures snapped from a dinner party the brand hosted for the influencers.

Back home, we had Zee Khana Khazana take advantage of Instagram’s grid layout to create ‘#InstaCookBook’ - a collection of summer recipes, where each block linked to another Instagram account with pictures of the recipe and recipe links to the website.